I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I’m awake at 7am on a Saturday for absolutely no reason or the restaurant we tried to go to last night. I’ll go with the restaurant; I can always take a nap later.

Several months ago we bought a bunch of gift certificates from At the time they were having a sale and you could get a $25 gift certificate for $2. Good deal. We decided to try a restaurant last night called Cenci. Cenci is supposedly vegetarian so I was excited to try it.

Jason had mentioned that he’d walked past it a few nights ago and that it seemed rather club-like. I’d read on yelp and stuff that it got clubby at night, but was just a restaurant before that. When we walked inside, we were the only people there save for about five people at the bar. We thought it was weird but were still willing to give it a try. We sat down at a table and no one came over to us for like at least 10 minutes. The bartenders just blatantly ignored us. When someone finally came over, she asked what we’d like to drink and we asked for menus and I ordered a glass of wine and Jason ordered water. She came back, after a rather long battle with the wine opener, with menus, wine and a bottle of water for Jason. He was like, “I just wanted a glass of water, not a bottle.” and she says that they don’t really have big glasses.

At this point, I really wanted to get out of there, but already had this glass of wine in front of me. It got even worse when we looked at the menus though; the place WAS NOT even vegetarian! They had some veggie options but they had a lot of meat too. Jason asked the waitress about it and she was just like, “Uh, I don’t know, the kitchen has a new chef and we’re really more of a club.” Well, don’t market yourself as a vegetarian restaurant then! I’ve read a bunch of articles on this place, I guess they’re dated, that clearly state that it’s a veggie restaurant. We ask for the check and that even takes forever and they say that they can’t run Jason’s credit card at the moment because the phone line is busy. Huh?

Horrible experience. If you are a fellow Atlantan, do not go to Cenci.


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