I’m Popeye the Sailorman

I bought this HUGE thing of spinach at Costco last week and have been trying to not let it go to waste. It’s next to the pasta sauce for sizing purposes.


What does one do with an industrial sized thing of spinach when one lives in a two person, 1 dog household? Put it in everything I can think of.


Ignore my gross cuticle. Bad habit. And for the non-Georgians, 420 is a beer, not an herbal refreshment. At least in this context it’s not.


I only ate about half of that.

So I’m kind of freaking out about something. Tomorrow night there is an event called Bark at the Park at Turner Field. Basically, you take your dog to a baseball game. We bought tickets for it and you have to buy one for the dog. So, yesterday I purchase two human and one dog ticket and then today I got a confirmation that says I bought one human and two dog tickets! I have no way of seeing what I actually did because the event is now sold out, so I can’t even look at the dropdown menu to try to remember what I chose. BUT…it makes you register the dog, their name and last rabies shot and age and I definitely only put in information for one dog. Also, they say that each dog has to have a person with it. So, it’s against their rules to have 1 human and 2 dogs on one ticket. I’m hoping it’s a mistake. I replied to the email, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to go to a live person.

ETA – We called and the Braves messed up and transposed the numbers. Whew!


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