Bark in the Park

We took Murphy to his first Braves game tonight. They had sectioned off a part of the stadium for people and their dogs. The dogs mostly sat on the floor. Murphy loved it. He is a big Braves fan.

Watching intently.

Oh, Oh, Murphy’s picture was just on the news for Bark in the Park but we missed it and can’t get the DVR to rewind. (We know peeps, or rather Jason knows peeps, okay fine he works for the news.)

Anyway, this event had could have been a major cluster but it really wasn’t. All the dogs seemed to be really well behaved.


This seems to be a baseball themed week for me. Not thirty minutes after I got the bark in the park tickets, we got an email at work saying that we were going to a company outing on Thursday at, guess where? The Braves game. I mean, I’m not complaining; I get the day off work basically, but it’s a lot of baseball.


2 responses to “Bark in the Park

  1. LOL – I LOVE Murphy at the Brave’s came – too cute!

  2. cute puppy!!!!!!!! love that you were able to bring him to a baseball game!