Looks can be deceiving

As in…this sushi looks really good but it was really bad.


We had a coupon for this place, Yami Sushi and it seemed like a really good deal. Three rolls for $10.95. I’d been there once and thought it was decent so we decided to try it again. We should have been tipped off when we were the only people in the restaurant and the server still took a while to come to us (I sense a theme here). We ordered that avocado covered roll, spicy tuna, eel cucumber and salmon avocado. I wouldn’t even touch the spicy tuna because it had globs of mayo on top of it. The other rolls were just mediocre at best. Kind of like grocery store sushi. I didn’t seem that fresh. Actually, there was no sushi chef making it, at least a visible one, it came from the back kitchen.


2 responses to “Looks can be deceiving

  1. boo! I hate the bad service – almost as bad as the mayo! 😦

  2. You can see the mayo in the bottom right of the first picture. Bleh.