Safe to say, the best weekend ever!

Not only did I get engaged this weekend, but I went whitewater rafting as well.


Jason and I, along with our friends Emily and Brian, drove up to Ducktown, TN which is about 2 hours north of Atlanta. They take two trips a day down the Middle Ocoee river and we opted for the earlier one, at 10am. It was so much fun. We were on the river for about 2 hours.

For whatever reason, being in the water made everyone hungry so we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in TN on the way home. It was the cheapest place I’ve ever seen. I got lunch chicken fajitas and they were like five dollars! They were on the greasy side though. I tried to be somewhat healthy and didn’t eat the tortillas although I did manage to eat enough chips to make up for anything healthy I might have thought I was doing. That’s my main beef with Mexican food. I cannot stay away from the chips. If you put all the tempting food in the world in front of me, I’d probably go with chips and salsa every time. It’s just one of those foods that I cannot stay away from. Nor can I have just a few. Argh.

There was also a friend’s birthday party this weekend which involved cake. I woke up this morning feeling bloated and the scale showed it. I got kind of bummed for a while but then realized that we’d eaten a lot this weekend (and I’m about to get my period) so it wasn’t like the scale was creeping up for a treat here and there. Instead of beating myself up about a weight gain, which is probably temporary anyway, like I normally do, I told myself that out of all the weekends, this was MY weekend and yeah, I celebrated by eating some stuff that I normally wouldn’t, but this was MY weekend. And now I can get back on track.

I’ve actually been doing pretty well in terms of clean eating. We did have some skinny cow ice creams in the freezer but aside from that, I’ve done well. In the past 15 days, I’ve had maybe 1/4 of a diet coke. I feel like, for whatever reason, I’m getting fuller faster. Maybe it’s something to do with not eating the fake sugars? I’ve read that they trick your body into wanting more sweets because you’re not getting the calories that you think you are. Or somethin’ like that.

I had some bibb lettuce in the fridge that needed to be used, so I made lettuce wraps with Teriyaki BBQ chicken that we got from TJ’s. Truth be told, Teriyaki and BBQ are not my favorite flavors and this was dark meat chicken which I don’t like, but it was really the only thing we had in the freezer that would work well with the lettuce wraps.


We’re going to NYC on Friday, so I am really going to try to eat healthy and home cooked meals until then. We shall see how that goes.


One response to “Safe to say, the best weekend ever!

  1. My weight has been up a little too. Blah – at least we’re on top of it though – what goes up must come down and all of that. Congrats on your clean eating! I’m contemplating trying it but know I need to get SUPER organized first because it’s not going to come natural – at all!