Killer Bootcamp

I forgot to write about the very difficult boot camp workout that I had yesterday. We started out with a short run to a certain area of the park. There, we did a set of grapevine suicides. When I think of grapevines, I picture 1980s leotard-clad fitness instructors. But these were no joke and I was sweating like crazy. I was also pretty sure that I was going to trip over my feet. (I didn’t.)

Then we did some Tabata sit ups UPHILL! (I googled Tabata and the first thing that came up was my bootcamp’s blog, but I didn’t want to link to it for two reasons. One, there are a ton of horrible pictures of me and two, I didn’t want the instructor to be able to trackback to this post. Anyway a tabata is:

For twenty seconds do as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can – then rest exactly 10 seconds.
Repeat this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise.

After that, we did 3 sets of 3 exercises – stepups on what appeared to be a mountain sized step, dips and squat jumps. We did the first set of 21, the second 15 and the last 9.

After that it was more tabatas, this time stair runs.

And if that wasn’t enough, we did walking lunges for 10 f’n minutes. Yes, 10 in a row. That’s a hell of a lot of lunges.

Surprisingly, I feel okay this morning and not all jelloy like I thought (should I say gelatinous?) My butt hurts some but that’s good. I need el butto to shrink.

I’m not sure if I’m going to blog this weekend. Jason and I are meeting my mother in NYC for the weekend. It should be a ton of fun; we have tickets to Billy Elliott amongst other things. I haven’t been to New York since college, which was a long time ago, so if anyone has any idea of need to see sites or need to eat at restaurants, please let me know!


5 responses to “Killer Bootcamp

  1. Im so impressed with your bootcamp workouts. I dont know if I could hang with that! Have you noticed results in your fitness level?

  2. PHew! Bootcamp seriously kicks your butt doesnt it? But after its over – it hurts so good ;D

  3. That sounds like the class I took last night. I can’t move my arms today.

  4. I just read about tabatas recently – it sounds SO intense!!! I will have to give it a try. I like the idea of getting a workout in fast, but having it be realllly hard, too.

    I hope you had fun in NY! One of my favorite cities…

  5. Yeah, boot camp is intense, but it feels really great when it’s over!

    Melissa – I haven’t noticed that many results, unfortunately. I do like the way I feel doing it so I guess that’s something.