You Want Fries with That?

I feel like I’ve been in celebration mode for the past week and a half. First the engagement and then going to New York. Suffice to say, there has been a lot of eating and drinking (more of the former than the latter) and not a lot of exercising.

Last night, I met up with two girlfriends at North Highland Pub. One thing that I really like about Atlanta is that, for the most part, the bars have a lot of healthy options. Almost every single place has a veggie burger and a hummus appetizer. Two reliable standbys to chose from in a land of burgers and fries. Some bars even have a more diverse menu. The Earl comes to mind. It’s a dingy kind of indie/punk bar with a big music venue in the back, but they have the most bestest marinated tofu pita in the world. So good that I feel justified in saying “most bestest.”

I digress. So, I did the “healthy for a bar” thing and ordered a veggie burger, asked for no butter on the bun and got a side of black beans. But then my friend Erin ordered a plate of fries for the table. Foods for the table are my downfall. Serious. I have no trouble whatsoever finding the healthiest thing on the menu and ordering it. I usually get a salad or some sort of veggie for a side if I’m having a sandwich. But when someone else gets something to share, all bets are off and I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s because I don’t normally let myself have it? Could be. Anyway, my friends, one of whom is a financial analyst and the other a financial lawyer, started talking about financial jargon which went in one ear and out the other and I spaced out and went to town the fries. Oopsie. My stomach was not very happy with this choice and let’s just say, I got some extra reading time in this morning. You think only men read on the toilet? I think not.

I’m officially declaring my honeymoon week over. I’m going to try to make it to a 6:45pm spin class tonight and then cook something for dinner afterwards. Honeymoon is a weird word, huh? I can’t wait for my real honeymoon though, when and wherever that may be. We haven’t picked a wedding date yet. For those of you who are married, how long was your engagement? Ours is looking to be about a year and that just seems so far away.


5 responses to “You Want Fries with That?

  1. Originally, our engagement was to be 14 months (January 2002 – March 2003), but because of the change in custody in March 2002 (that’s when boys came to live with us), we moved up the wedding date to September.

    Really, we could have kept the wedding March 2003 and been fine. But we were a family the day they moved in and it felt silly to not be married sooner than later. September was the ‘earliest’ we could pull it all off.

    So, January 26, 2002 – September 28, 2002 was our engagement.

  2. Tanya Wagner

    9 months – and I was so ready for it to be over by month 6!

  3. hahaha all bets are off with me and shared food, too. The minute someone orders artichoke and spinach dip I know i’ve already lost! haha

    Mine was 13.5 months – from December 31, 2006 to February 16, 2008! This was a perfect length of time to plan an out-of-state (but in driving distance) wedding!

  4. honeymoon IS a weird word….i wonder why its called that… haha i will be thinking about that all day now

  5. I’d say you have a lot to celebrate!!! Some people say less than a year for an engagement is too short, but I have a feeling I’d want a shorter engagement. I’d just be too excited. 🙂