Interesting Day

Today was very interesting for a couple reasons. I’ll give you the non-food one first because I have less to say about it.

I normally work 8:30-5:30. Some people in the office are 8-5 and others 9-6 but everyone has a 9-hour day with a 1 hour lunch. Today the CEO sent out an email saying that effective tomorrow office hours will be 9-5 with a one hour lunch. We are all really confused. I mean, I’m happy; I can sleep longer and leave earlier but why did they do it? Everyone is salary; nothing is changing monetarily. They just shortened the day by an hour. I would understand if they were cutting pay because they were cutting time worked, but they’re not. Very, very odd.

Okay, here’s the food related interestingness. (That’s a word? It didn’t highlight it as a mis-spelling.) My friend Emily and I went to a raw foods seminar at The Living Foods Institute. It was actually her idea but being that I’m interested in pretty much everything having to do with food and health, I readily agreed to come along. I really didn’t know what to expect and, for whatever reason, was a little scared. We got to the place about five minutes late and there were already about 50 people sitting in chairs. The first thing that they did was make a smoothie. I know it had celery, apples and coconut oil in it, I forget what else. It was okay. I wanted to love it, but I didn’t. It had a weird, grainy consistency.

After the smoothie, they handed everyone a small plate of food. Score! I hadn’t eaten dinner so this was much appreciated. It had a marinated kale dish, raw hummus, flax crackers, some sort of banana-coconut thing and something else that I wasn’t really sure of. Everything was pretty good. I really liked the kale.

Besides feeding us, they also talked about raw foods (duh). I was actually sort of surprised about how much I already knew about this type of lifestyle. I guess an addiction to reading food blogs and scrounging for healthy recipes will do that for you. I have mixed feelings on the subject. Some of it makes a lot of sense. When you’re eating raw, you’re eating whole foods that have more nutrients and you aren’t putting chemicals in your body. I get that. It’s great; I totally agree. But then there were some things that I was skeptical about. They told a story about a man with a face tumor. According to the speaker, he did this 12 day class (which btw is $5000) and the tumor went away. Things like that I have much more trouble buying into.

There was also a lot of talk about positive affirmations and how your thoughts can harm you if they are negative. At the end of the class, the speaker had us say a bunch of affirmations out loud. I felt silly doing it. I’m not sure if it was because I was with my friend and she wasn’t really saying them? Aside from feeling silly, it actually did hit a chord because I have been trying very hard, and succeeding somewhat, at eliminating negativity directed toward myself. I read When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair: 50 Ways to Feel Thin, Gorgeous, and Happy (When You Feel Anything But) about a month ago and it really helped me realize that being so down on myself and expecting such perfection (for me it was/is food related, but I guess it could apply to anything in life.) just leads to a lot of guilt because a lot of what I was down on myself for was inevitable. So it was interesting that they incorporated this emotional aspect into a discussion about ways to heal your body.

I’m not making any attempt to change the way I eat except what I said at the beginning of the month which is to focus on non-processed, whole foods. I’m fine if they’re cooked, I’m fine if they’re raw. I just want them to be healthy and tasty.


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