A Realization, About 12 Years Too Late

Two of my co-worker friends and I made plans to go to Willy’s for lunch. I love getting the Willy’s Salad with Tofu. It’s tasty and filling and I think around 400 calories since I don’t get cheese on it. When we got there, however, there was a line out the door. So we scrapped the plan and went to Einsten Brothers instead since it was next door and we wouldn’t have to drive somewhere else.

An hour or two after eating my lunch, I felt so sleepy. I looked up the nutritionals of what I had (I can’t help it) and although what I had, the Veg Out sandwich, was one of the lower calorie items on the menu, it still had like 70 grams of refined carbs. No wonder I was so tired.

So here comes the realization. When I was in high school, we were allowed to leave for lunch. There was a shopping center next door that had amongst other things, a bagel place. I used to go there and get TWO plain bagels. By plain I mean without any toppings. I thought I was being healthy. I was still very much stuck in the fat = bad mentality and didn’t pay any attention to calories or ingredients or anything else. In my mind, if it was lowfat, it was fine to eat as much as I wanted. And, because it was lowfat, it didn’t fill me up, so I ate a lot. I also drank regular soda every day. And then I would fall asleep. In class. I was known for sleeping during class in high school. And now, years later, I realized that the sleepiness was me crashing from eating mass quantities of refined carbs and sugar for lunch. If only I knew then. I guess that’s just so it goes.

For dinner tonight, I planned on having a greek salad but I was starving when I got home so I threw together some other stuff and made the salad to have for tomorrow’s lunch. Leaving it in the fridge for a while will allow the flavors to meld anyway. Isn’t it pretty?



This was simply 1 green pepper, 3 roma tomatoes, some artichoke hearts, a container of low-fat feta, 1/2 cup sliced olives and piece of toasted pita dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and basil.

I don’t know about you, but the mosquitos are driving me insane this summer. I am particularly sensitive to mosquitos, I think. My mother used to tell me that it was because I was so sweet. Although, I’m sure everyone’s mother tells them that! Check out my face. Itchy!



3 responses to “A Realization, About 12 Years Too Late

  1. mosquitoes love me too! my bites get bit and huge. i am totally allergic. i will wear pants out at night and i will still find bites up by my knees! so wierd!

  2. homegirlcaneat

    Oh man, mosquitoes eat me alive!! I average like 2 bites a minute when I am outdoors!

    Just looking back a couple years ago, my diet has changed dramatically! Thanks to the blog world!

  3. Bless your heart! they always go after my feet and I got some nasty ones on Saturday in Decatur after the storm – eek! There’s about 8 on my left leg. Grrrr. haha 2 plain bagels + regular coke love it! so much better than me sharing a Sonic tater tots with another girl and smoking 3 cigarettes right? I LOVED being able to leave for lunch – very few schools were able to. So sad for them!