Farmer’s Market Deals

We have this huge farmer’s market about 10 minutes away. It’s not what you’d traditionally think of when you hear the words “Farmer’s Market.” Instead, it’s more of a huge warehouse with all kinds of produce, a big meat counter, a big fish counter, a lot of cheese, dairy products and some other packaged goods. They also make their own breads and muffins and have a large beer and wine selection.


The thing about the farmer’s market is that it’s cheap! Look at these prices, so much cheaper than Whole Foods or even the regular grocery store.

Chobani 2% yogurt – $1.29 each
Hot Sauce – $1.19
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – $3.99
Mini Orange Muffins (these are probably horrible for you, but they’re good. And they’re vegan. Not that it matters to me, really.) – $2.99 for 6
Organic Yogurts – $.99 each
Pint of Blueberries – $1.89
Young Thai Coconut (that I have no tools to open) – $1.29
Georgia Peaches – $2.09 for 3
Red Bell Pepper – $1.05 for 1
Cucumber – $.59 for 1
Roma Tomatoes – $.61 for 3
Kabucha Squash (I had to try it after reading all about it on so many blogs) – $2.03
Jicama (There is a recipe in this month’s Self that I want to try) – $1.86
Can of black olives – $1.49


3 responses to “Farmer’s Market Deals

  1. Those ARE great deals! I adore jicama – super refreshing!

  2. I’ve never really had jicama before. Is it hard to cut?

  3. The farmer’s market near you sounds pretty cool! I love having fresh and cheap produce nearby!