I updated my facebook status to “Just saw Food, Inc. and you should too” and a friend responded with, “But I like to eat and I heard that movie will make me not want to eat.”

That is basically the whole point of the movie, I suppose. People live in this ignorance is bliss society when it comes to food. I don’t understand it, really. Wouldn’t you rather know what you are eating so you can make informed decisions about what you are putting into your body, the only body you’ll ever have? Ignorance is not bliss when it turns out that certain foods are causing disease. Sure that burger tastes good and you probably would be disgusted to know where it came from, so why would you know? People, myself included, have become so disassociated with what our food actually is and where it comes from. The fact that someone would rather not know is just insane to me!

Besides, we were all starving after the movie and went immediately next door for dinner. I don’t think I’ll ever not want to eat!


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  1. I did something similar on my Facebook wall. I can’t help but think of my college roommate who refused to eat farm-fresh eggs that I brought us from my grandparents’ farm. She would say it was “too closely connected to the chicken.” What??? It was my one “I don’t get that about you” kind of thing. I was thinking about her watching this movie and honestly? I don’t think she would.

    I am really happy that the movie had very little to say about the way vegetables are grown. For some reason, I thought I was going to see something scary involving pesticides and freak out. A lot of what the movie covered are things I’m already doing – but don’t do consistently, so it was a nice check-in.

    I plan on writing my review and posting it today.