Wedding Weight Loss?

I went into Borders yesterday and parked myself in front of the weight loss section. After sitting there browsing through countless books promising that I’d drop X amount of pounds, I realized that I didn’t need a book to tell me how to lose weight. There was nothing in any book that I probably don’t already know. So I left.

I am getting married in ten months. I can’t help but wish that I could lose about 15 pounds before the wedding. I know how to do this; I just have to put it into play. I’ve lost weight before. I need to lay off the sugar and refined carbs. I haven’t read Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin, but from what I hear, I need to employ the Bank Account method of eating. If I eat something not so healthy, I never really adjust the rest of my day to make up for it. Today there was a cake in the kitchen for someone’s birthday. I told myself that I could either have a piece of cake OR have my yogurt and almond snack. Not both. I thought about it and realized that I actually wanted the yogurt.

I made a good soup for dinner. It was from my Cooking Light 5 Ingredient cookbook. Poblano and Corn Soup. I had this with a mini pita.


And, although I ate this yesterday, I wanted to show a picture of it. The first tomato from my plant!



10 responses to “Wedding Weight Loss?

  1. Ha! Nice tomato. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. homegirlcaneat

    AH that soup looks wonderful! That corn and cheese…oooohh lala I love!!!

  3. i did a detox in jan where i cut out carbs, sugar and caffeine and i lost 15 +

    let me know if you need any more info ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Yes, you totally lose weight without some fad diet book! And you’ve got lots of time to do so. Plus, that soup looks amazing.

  5. Aw – congrats on your little tomato – and that soup looks GOOD! The ‘bank’ idea makes sense – I need to start telling myself no a bit more and compromise… lately i’ve been more like go for it/don’t restrict yourself! So are you going to cut carbs?

  6. Nice Tomato.. What about posting up how to make that soup. It looks very delicious.

  7. You totally know what you are doing – and when you starting thinking about the wedding – those 15lbs will melt off ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. yay, i love summer tomatoes!

  9. Good for you!! That is awesome that you can to that realization. You can absolutely lose the 15 pounds before your wedding, though I think you look beautiful right now! But either way, just focus on how happy you will be in 10 months.

    Love your tomato! That is on my list for next year. I’ve already killed too many plants this year, I’m a bit overwhelmed.

  10. You can do it! I struggle with the same thing.

    Sometimes the thought of a weight loss deadline scares me. Does that happen to you?