Road Trip

Jason had a Saturday off, so we decided to take a road trip to visit his parents in Seneca, South Carolina. Normally, it takes about 2 hours to drive there but it took us three due to various things – Jason forgetting something, me wanting to stop at Whole Foods for a Kombucha, Murphy throwing up in the car, me having to pee and rush hour traffic. We finally made it at about 7:30 pm.


I’ll admit it; I was concerned about the lack of healthy food in the restaurants there. I had been stressed out earlier in the week and, for whatever reason, whenever I get stressed about one thing, I start worrying about food. It turned out to be fine though. Jason remembered that there is a Mellow Mushroom about ten minutes away, in Clemson, so his father, he and I went there for dinner. They split a pizza and I had a build your own salad with romaine, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, black olives, artichoke hearts and tofu.

The next day, we set out to pick some blueberries. These pictures aren’t so great. I thought my camera was in my purse, but it wasn’t, so these are from my phone. We drove to Westminster, SC to a blueberry farm. It was $7 for a gallon. Suffice to say, I have a lot of blueberries to eat in the next week or so. Anyone have any recipes??




Check out that bucket filled to the brim with blueberries! After we left, we decided to wander around Clemson and look for some lunch. Clemson is about 5-10 minutes from Seneca. Since it’s a college town, the food choices were much more to my liking. We found this sushi place and check out the prices, that is $3.56 for 8 pieces. And yes, I’m still alive. A $2 vodka drink might also have been consumed.


After hanging out for a while, we went back to Jason’s parents house and visited with them and his grandmother for about an hour. Then we decided to play some mini-golf. He won. We went back to his parents house and started a game of Trivial Pursuit. Like always, it got to be around 11:30 and I turned into a pumpkin and had to go to sleep. I just cannot stay awake past midnight anymore! Especially since we had been running around all day. And also especially since I was drinking wine while playing the game.

We got up this morning and drove back to Atlanta. It was nice to get out of the city for a while. I didn’t work out at all this weekend. I could have today, but I was being lazy and took a nap. I also got a load of laundry done, went to TJ’s and Kroger and walked Murphy for about an hour. That counts as exercise, right?

Oh, that reminds me, on Friday morning, I went to boot camp and I was the only person there! Since I’ve been doing it for a few months, I knew the instructor well enough to just have a conversation with him the whole time and it not be awkward. It was kind of cool because it was like having a personal trainer but at the same time it was harder, because he was watching what I was doing the whole time. Hopefully some other people will show up on Tuesday.


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  1. Love the title of your blog! 🙂 Can’t believe the price of those rolls! So cheap! I would have probably orderded 5!

  2. So what car did you drive?