Calling all fashionistas

I know it’s absurdly early to pick a bridesmaid dress, but I need some opinions. I like both of these dresses from J. Crew.

Dress 1:
Picture 6

Dress 2:
Picture 7

What do you think?


10 responses to “Calling all fashionistas

  1. I like #1. I think it will me more flattering on different body types if you have a variety of different bridesmaids.
    I don’t think it’s too early!

  2. I really like the first one and I definitely don’t think it’s too soon. I’ve been shopping with a friend for her wedding and bridesmaids dresses and she’s getting married around the same time you do.

  3. While I personally like number 2, I think number 1 would fit all body types 🙂 Its never to early! I never did catch your date….?

  4. Melissa – it’s 4/10.

  5. homecookedem

    I love number 2!! I wore this same style in a wedding once. The bride gave us a color and then let us each choose our own style. That’s when I met my husband! We were in the wedding together (he was a groomsman) and he was totally diggin that dress on me! 😉

  6. I like both, but I think I prefer style #2 🙂

  7. I am so partial to strapless dresses…I LOVE them! But number one is flattering on any body type. And I don’t think it’s too early, either!

    Are those your colors/have you picked them out?

  8. We have sort of picked colors. We’re going for a cherry blossom theme since it’s going to be in DC in April. So I guess pink and brown?

  9. #1

    I actually have that exact dress in brown and I love it! It allows you to wear a comfortable bra instead of the strapless which never like to stay up (at least thats how they are on me!) #1 is comfortable and very flattering.

    But either dress is gorgeous.