Anniversary Dinner

To be honest, I wasn’t really in the mood to go out to dinner at first on Thursday night. There had been some new wedding-related drama plus I just found out that a family member is having a health-issue and I was worried about that. And the beet juice made me sort of full.

After a while, I decided to get my act together and got dressed to go out. We went to Repast. This restaurant has been open for a couple of years and I’ve always been interested in it but never been. It’s a little more pricey than our usual haunts but since it was a special occasion we decided to go for it. Plus we had that coupon anyway.

Repast is a small restaurant in the bottom of a mixed-use development. There were people in the restaurant, but it wasn’t full. Of course, this was at 8 pm. One of the first things that our server explained to us was that they distill their own water there and there is a 75 cent optional surcharge for it. We really didn’t understand what she was talking about (and I’m not sure if the surcharge was on the bill, come to think of it). I wasn’t really feeling like a glass of wine, so I decided to get a beer instead. They were out of my first choice, some sort of wheat beer, and recommended the Hitachino as a good substitute. I liked the bottle!


We started out with mussels. These were in a coconut milk broth. I prefer a tomato broth, but this was still really good. There was some sort of kick to it that I couldn’t really indentify.


For my entree, I ordered the marcobiotic composition. It was pretty good although I’ve come to realize something; I don’t like the taste of tempeh! I always think that I will since I love tofu, but I just don’t. I picked around it.


Dinner was good, but I wasn’t that impressed. I’m not sure if it was my mood, which lightened by the end of our meal, or what. Jason had the steak which he said was very good. My food was good, it just wasn’t stellar and considering we paid a lot of money for dinner, I wanted it to be better!


6 responses to “Anniversary Dinner

  1. a surcharge? Random! Love the bottle though – owls are my fave! I’m sorry about the wedding drama – I hope it works itself out soon. 🙂

  2. Awh, that is always disappointing when food isn’t as good as you paid for. The pics look good though.

  3. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Sorry you’re stressed over the wedding. Just remember it will all turn out right in the end!

  4. i hope the stress goes away soon!!
    Sorry to hear the meal was just alright :\

  5. i love mussels!

  6. that is so weird about the water. my mom never liked tempeh from places and then i made it for her using a heidi swanson recipe and she loved it, so maybe you just need to give it a whirl in your own kitchen?