Boot Camp Burnout

This is my fourth month of boot camp and I am officially burnt out. I am kind of wishing that I took a month off or something. I feel sore and tired but don’t seem to be getting the results that I want. I’m sick of hearing that I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I push myself to work out all the time. Why isn’t that enough? It was fun at first. Well, as fun as a boot camp workout can be. But now I find myself skipping class and just dreading it altogether. I don’t know if it’s the lack of visible results that’s getting me down or just doing the same basic exercises three days a week for fourth months.

I’m just frustrated. Why isn’t this working? Why can I still not do a fucking pushup? I just feel like I put so much effort into working out and eating healthy and I don’t get the results that I want. Yes, I’m not fat. But I’m at the very high end of a normal BMI. It’s just so frustrating sometimes. Why does this have to be so hard for me?

I saw (500) Days of Summer tonight with my friend Jaime. I liked it but found it thoroughly depressing. Although, the soundtrack is really good.

Oops, I really didn’t intend to have a pity party for myself there.


3 responses to “Boot Camp Burnout

  1. I meant to tell you last night that your arms look toner. I think, sometimes, it’s difficult to see your own results when you look in the mirror everyday for change. You are getting results even if you don’t see them, or they aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like.

  2. Push ups are hard work! You’ll be able to do one eventually!

  3. You know, I have been having this same problem (being able to do darn near EVERYTHING but one stupid pushup!) and couldn’t figure out what my problem was. My arms are pretty strong, even stronger than a lot of other people that can do these pushups. But I just recently figured out what my issue was! I was building up my triceps, but I finally figured out that I was NOT training my chest/pecs muscles. So now, that is one of my “everyday weight training exercises” and pushups are starting to get a lot easier for me.

    I’m trying to lose weight too. And I am constantly hitting plateaus like this too… so I feel ya. :/ It’s discouraging.