Pizza Pizza

I bought this ridiculously large bag of broccoli at Costco last week. Not knowing what to do with it, I decided a homemade pizza was in order. We bought a prebaked Boboli whole wheat crust and topped it with various veggies.

Before cooking. Mine is the broccoli heavy side:

And after:

And a close up:

Pizza is one of those foods that I really like but rarely let myself have. I don’t know why I don’t think to make it at home like this more often. It’s so much healthier than delivery pizza and it satisfies that pizza craving.

I don’t have boot camp on Thursdays which means that I can sleep until 7:45 am instead of 6 am. Last night, I went to bed by 10:30, so I slept for 9+ hours. I am one of those people that really require 8 hours of sleep to be at my best. I usually get by with 7ish, but can totally tell the difference that getting that additional hour makes. I wish I could get by with less, but it’s just not me. I am known as Sleepy Lee after all!


5 responses to “Pizza Pizza

  1. i heart pizza and will never stop eating it. sometimes i go for the all-out decadent kind and just watch portions, other times i love the amy’s and homemade stuff! i grew up eating it at least once/week and firmly believe it can be part of a healthy diet.

    i have an amy’s in the oven right now 🙂 will go fabulously with some salad . . . and a beer.

  2. homecookedem

    I don’t eat pizza enough either! In fact, I don’t think pizza has been on my blog yet. Maybe I’ll make one soon using a tortilla. It’s hard b/c Andrew is gluten intolerant, so we sometimes make gluten free pizzas, but they’re very time consuming.

    I too, must have 8 hours of sleep or I’m no good.

  3. That looks SOOO good. Pizza gets a bad rep, but when you load on the veggies like that, it gets a whole lot healthier!

  4. I want that pizza!!!! Love broccoli on a pizza- must do that soon! (only fresh works though – sad for frozen!)

  5. I have never made my own pizza, but I’ve always wanted to. I need to see if they have those pre-made crusts in smaller sizes. I LOVE the idea of making your own and healthifying it!!