Sunday 7:56 pm

Today actually turned into a pretty good day. I woke up feel dehydrated and shaky, I guess from the wine. I felt better after I ate though. We didn’t end up going to Lettuce Souprise You, but I did pick up a salad from Whole Foods. Yes, I’ve been to Whole Foods twice in the past two days. I’m an addict.

I also got this beauty. Actually, I guess it’s sort of ugly.


I sliced it up, put it in the oven for about 10 minutes on 350 and topped it with laughing cow, salt and pepper. I really like the combination of laughing cow and tomato.


My half marathon is 12 weeks away. I am officially supposed to start training tomorrow but I felt like going to the gym so I figured I’d just begin a day early. I did 3 miles. I’m, unfortunately, kind of an expert at building up my running endurance and then letting it slide back down again after the race is over. So starting a training plan is always as much of a mental challenge as it is physical. It’s hard to not have that little voice in my head telling me, “3 miles? You used to run 3 miles in your sleep.” I know it will get easier again. What’s done is done. I let myself get somewhat out of running shape. There is no need to beat myself up about it.

This is going to sound really cheesy, so prepare yourselves. Lately, when I run on the treadmill, I imagine my wedding and I start to get a bit choked up. The weird thing is that this only happens on the treadmill! If I think about it while I’m not running, I don’t get as emotional. Strange, huh? The other weird thing is that I haven’t actually seen the venue that we’re getting married in. So, in my treadmill fantasy, I picture this hybrid combination of all of the other wedding venues that I’ve been to.

Speaking of the wedding, we got something resolved that could have been a major bone of contention, so I’m happy about that and I think everyone involved is too. So, wedding ideas. Since we’re getting married in DC in April, we’re going to have a cherry blossom theme. My stepmother is handling the flowers and she wants me to show her what I like for my bouquet. Problem is, I don’t know anything about flowers! Any flowery people out there want to help me out? Something that goes with the cherry blossom theme, but it doesn’t have to actually be cherry blossoms.


7 responses to “Sunday 7:56 pm

  1. A cherry blossom theme! Oh wow, how absolutely gorgeous it must be!
    As for the flowers, why not just choose a white and pinkish-toned flowers that matches the colors of cherry blossoms? Im not a flowery person so I don’t know which ones, but you could research on that.

  2. homecookedem

    That sounds like such a pretty theme! I’m not a flower person either, so I’m not sure what would work. You could call up a florist and ask them for ideas.

    I got very emotional thinking about my wedding beforehand. Funny thing is, I didn’t shed a tear during the ceremony, but Andrew cried through the whole thing! 😉

  3. Oh! I love your theme. Cherry Blossom Trees are beautiful! ! ! ! SO fun. YAY!

  4. I am horrible with flowers! All I know is that hydrangeas are my favorite. That will be a gorgeous time to get married….spring weddings are the best.

  5. Ooooh – never thought to put tomatoes with laughing cow – smart girl! I’m not a flower girl either – i used a lot of “dead things” (curly willow, manzanita, etc. – stuff from here: I loved the ideas of ‘trees’ and weaving that stuff in to the bouquets and centerpieces, etc.!! (doesn’t help at all huh? I’m sorry!)

  6. aww what a pretty theme for your wedding! i am so jealous that your getting married in D.C!! I love that city so much 🙂

    I read on another blog that you went to UVM for college!! I am applying there next year and its most def. one of my top choices (second actually! haha) Did you like it there?

  7. i love cherry blossoms and had my mom draw one of our invitations with cherry blossoms. there are so many things you can do!

    and what is wrong with carry a branch of cherry blossoms or having it woven in to your bouquet?? that would be stunning.

    when we were getting married, i just searched online and looked through “the knot” a lot. great ideas on there. our florist was really helpful with translating our theme and vibe into flowers. maybe talking to the florist would be helpful.