Wine Tasting

My friend Dave had a birthday party/wine tasting last night. It was at the house of some friend of his out in the burbs. I didn’t think I was going to know very many people (and I didn’t) so I convinced my friend Erin to come with me. The evite instructed everyone to bring a bottle of wine for the tasting so we stopped at Fresh Market and picked some up. I like wine but don’t really know much about it. If I’m bringing it to someone’s house, I usually just pick one that’s around $12 and has a pretty label!

When we got there, there were a lot of little glasses. We grabbed one for ourselves and began the tasting. Dave was opening a bottle at a time and just pouring it into people’s glasses. I’m not sure what I had, or what I liked. I think I would have preferred if they were on a table and I could note what I liked and what I didn’t. They did whites before dinner. Dinner was a bbq style spread. They had made some Boca burgers for the non-meat eating crew. I had an egg and some popcorn around 5:30, so I wasn’t really hungry. I did have a small plate with some homemade butter bean hummus with what looked to be whole wheat pita and some sort of pasta salad.

After dinner, they started opening the reds. I’m definitely a bigger white wine fan. I like some reds – pinot noir and malbec especially, but don’t really like any of the stronger, bolder ones like cabernet or merlot. I wasn’t exactly sure how much I’d had to drink since the glasses were very small and they were small pours. Maybe the equivalent of three glasses during the course of the party?

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy myself at this party, mostly because I didn’t really know anyone and the majority of the people there were about 10 years older than me! But it turned out to be really fun and a different way of spending my Saturday night. Of course, now my stomach is a little upset with me and I wish I had another weekend day to recuperate. Jason and I talked about having lunch either at Whole Foods or Lettuce Souprise You (think scaled-down Sweet Tomatoes and ignore the ridiculous spelling!) so hopefully that will get me feeling better!


3 responses to “Wine Tasting

  1. homecookedem

    Glad you had a nice time at the wine tasting! I think you’re right though… it would have been better to have them all set up on a table and just self serve so you know what you’re drinking.

    I used to love Lettuce Souprise You when I was a kid! I don’t live near any, but our family used to go a lot!! Sweet Tomatoes is way better though! 😉 Their bran muffins are amazing and fresh! mmmm!

  2. angieinatlanta

    Oh, man, I remember Lettuce Souprise You! I didn’t realize they were still around in GA until I drove past one on Briarcliff the other day.

  3. I didn’t know it was a chain! I do think Sweet Tomatoes has a better selection (and ice cream which is key) but we lived a lot closer to LSY.