Blog Neglect

I completed my first week of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon training plan. Upon first glance, I thought that the only real difference between the novice and the intermediate is that the intermediate focuses more on speedwork. Not so, my friend. The intermediate also has you running a lot more and farther distances. I believe it tops out at almost 30 miles per week. This first week went fine, but as the weeks go on, I might do a hybrid of both training plans.

5 miles was the first long run. Since it’s still very hot in GA, I did it on the treadmill. 5 is really the max amount that I can do inside without feeling like I’m going to die of boredom. It went okay. I did it and that’s what counts, but it was hard. I just keep reminding myself that it’s always hard in the beginning and the distances that seem hard will eventually seem easier.

I kind of neglected the blog this weekend. I didn’t make any food that was worth posting about, I suppose. I did learn one lesson, however. Sweet Tea Vodka is not my friend. Have you guys had the stuff? It’s very dangerous because it does not taste like alcohol at all. I was with some friends that kind of drink a lot and I guess I had a when in Rome moment and wasn’t paying attention to how strong I was making my drinks. Let’s just say I’m not feeling my best today and I hate that. It’s such a waste of the day. I think alcohol and I are taking a break from one another for a little bit. My body is pretty much mandating it, I think.


One response to “Blog Neglect

  1. homecookedem

    Andrew loves that sweet tea vodka. I haven’t tried it yet… maybe that’s a good thing? 😉

    Good luck with your training! I’m gonna go all mom on you, but make sure you’re stretching properly!! 5 miles is about the most I can go on a treadmill also… really 3 is where I kind of start wanting off! Way to go for sticking it out and it will get easier, and let’s hope cooler weather here soon too!!