Six Confessions

1. I didn’t go to boot camp this morning. I didn’t go to sleep until past midnight and couldn’t stomach the thought of going through the day with less than six hours of sleep. This girl needs her zs.

2. I didn’t run either. I did, however, do the elliptical for 30 minutes then did three rounds of box jumps, jump squats and pullups on a low to the ground smith machine to stimulate railing pullups. (Round of 21, 15 and then 9.)

3. I am frustrated. I have been counting calories for the past week and ran like 13 miles last week and have lost NADA. When other people have the same complaint, I always try to make them feel better and say to keep on trucking, but it’s so hard sometimes. I mean, I don’t have an alternative. If I just give up, that’s not going to help the cause either but I just need a little something to motivate me sometimes, you know?

4. I spent a large majority of the day trying to get Larabar to send me free goodies. And it didn’t work!!

5. My stepmother organized a lunch/pool thing this weekend for me and my cousins and I really am nervous to be in front of my family in a bathing suit. I guess it stems from being an awkward teenager (in the mid 90s, no less, when fashion was hardly, well fashionable.) and having my father comment on my weight. I have a bikini but I am too afraid to wear it for fear that someone in my family will point out that I don’t have a bikini body.

6. I made something from my cookbook for dinner, but it was kinda weird and ugly.

Anything you’d like to confess?


8 responses to “Six Confessions

  1. homecookedem

    I confess that I can totally relate!

    1. I feel guilty skipping workouts too, but you have to realize sleep is so important, so by choosing sleep, you were making a very healthy choice in my opinion.
    2. So you did make it to the gym! See, why be down on yourself?! You are doing awesome!
    3. You KNOW I’ve been here, done this one!! It is very frustrating. I have no advice other than I think it might take sticking with it longer than we want to to see results. Sucks.
    4. I am boycotting Larabars.
    5. I do not have a bikini body. But I wore one all summer long. Life is too short to worry about what other people think about you in one. Seriously, and you are fit, regardless of your weight. You workout and honestly will look way better in a bikini than most girls wearing one. Have you seen the girls on the beach these days?? Everyone, all shapes and sizes are wearing them!!!! πŸ™‚ Wear your’s and be proud!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I tried to make a pork chop recipe and seriously messed it up. My husband kept eating it until I told him that I thought it smelled like dirty feet. I haven’t made pork chops since.

  3. props to you, i am sure it feels good to put it out there. i laughed out loud at #4 πŸ™‚ sorry about numero tres. maybe try to change up where the calories are coming from and when they are consumed?

  4. I can’t find the new Larabars, either! SO frustrating. I JUST want my PB&J, Lara.

    It sounds like you’re doing everything RIGHT, so I can’t even think of any suggestions! Except to keep on keepin’ on. You are doing everything by the book, so it’s BOUND to pay off.

    As far as the bathing suit situation goes…there are SO MANY cute one pieces out there now. Actually, I think they’re becoming as much in style as bikinis. I think Target has some really, really cute ones.

    And I chose sleep over working out this morning, too. No one wants to see me with less than 6 hrs. of sleep.

  5. keep waiting on the larabar! i think they’ll come through for you!!

  6. Aw, sucks about larabar! and major props to you for all your confessions.

    I don’t have a bikini body either. And I’m too self conscious to wear one so I stick with tankinis. I want a bikini body :[

  7. angieinatlanta

    I totally admire your honesty.

    I feel really self-conscious in a bathing suit, too. And I definitely share your vivid memories of having a parent say something about my weight. It’s amazing what kind of impact that can have.

    All I can say it that when it comes to bathing suits for me, I usually feel better once I just take the cover-up off and deal with it. I have to remind myself that I’m not trying to impressing anyone and that nobody is nothing what little flaws I keep picking at myself for. Sometimes that self-talk helps, sometimes not. But it’s worth a try!

    Can’t wait to hear about your dress shopping adventure!

  8. No need to confess. I help run the LARABAR Blog. Let’s get you some bars. Email me at