Almost Famous

Check it out, I’m Larabar’s Fan of the Day!

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I guess those of you who said that persistence is key were right because not only did I get a response from Larabar regarding the new flavors, I also got a comment here from Lewis who runs the blog asking if I wanted to try them as well. He also asked if I wanted to be the fan of the day. Of course, I readily agreed!

I have much more to say including I FOUND A WEDDING DRESS!! But I’m super tired and will post more later.


9 responses to “Almost Famous

  1. homecookedem

    I guess Larabar likes us after all! Congratulations!! You’re a Larabar STAR!! 🙂

    So exciting you found your wedding dress!! You will be a stunning bride! 🙂

  2. angieinatlanta

    Awesome! In my health nut eyes, you ARE famous now!

  3. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    How exciting!!

  4. 2 big “how fun!!!!”s for you! larabar fan of the day?? congrats!

    finding a wedding dress!!!!ahhhh!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gahhh – I don’t know which is more exciting!!!

    Maybe I need to bug Lara a little bit. Does this mean they’re sending you the new flavors to try??

    I wish we could see your dress! I’m sure it’s absolutely beautiful.

  6. WOW congrats!!

    i got a box with all the new flavors . . PLUS all the old ones! i’m in larabar heaven. and all i did was ask 🙂 i am missing the german chocolate cake one, though. arhghgh!

  7. How cute are you?! Loves!! And I’m so glad you found your dress- SO exciting!

  8. Congrats on both! (Larabar and wedding dress!)