Two Left Feet

So, this was supposed to be my last week of boot camp. I emailed Mike and told him that I was having trouble training for this race and making it to class so I wanted to take a break. Problem is, I neglected to notice that I have to give a 30-day notice. My membership (if you will) is on auto-pay which is cheaper. I guess that’s precisely why! Because now I have to go, or pay for at least, September as well.

So, off to boot camp I went this morning. It was okay. I’ve been doing this for long enough that I know the workouts and the new instructor definitely did the workout wrong. It made it easier, actually, so I wasn’t complaining!

I had intended to go to the gym after work since boot camp wasn’t very running intensive today. I packed my gym bag and took it to my office. I shut my office door at 5 and changed into my gym clothes and guess what I found? Two left shoes! D’oh! My co-workers found it quite amusing.

I could have just gone home, got the correct shoes and gone to the gym but my little doggie friend doesn’t make that very easy. He is very insistent on taking a walk as soon as I get home. So I took him on a 45 minute walk and by the time I got home, I lost all motivation for running. I can’t go tomorrow either because we’re going to see the Flaming Lips (woo!). So I guess I’ll have to run on Thursday which is normally my rest day.


5 responses to “Two Left Feet

  1. homecookedem

    Hehe, that sounds like something I would do! šŸ˜‰

    At least you got a nice walk in with your pup!!

  2. oh no!! I hate that – but yes, you have to laugh!! Flaming Lips?! Awesome!!

  3. Oh gosh…I’ve done that, plus forgetting the sports bra. I’ve tried to make do with a regular bra and….yeah. DOESN’T cut it!!

    Oh, and pot roast (that I’ve had) is usually just beef in the slow cooker, with whatever add ins you like…it kind of creates its own gravy and is extra juicy. SO GOOD – and I’m not even a huge red meat lover. But, yeah, I’ve never actually tackled it myself!

  4. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Well it sounds like you got in a good workout anyway!

  5. I have done that two left shoe thing too!

    I also am pretty well known for grabbing two different color sneaks by accident!