Adams Realty 5K

On Wednesday, my friend Jamie and I decided that we would run the Adams Realty 5K which was part of the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival. He signed up online on Thursday. I forgot to and when I remembered, yesterday, online registration was closed. It was really for the best, because the line for the walk-up registration was much shorter than if you’d pre-registered. Ha, slackers do win sometimes.

Although I was pleased with the ease of registration, I was not amused when they handed you a t-shirt right then and there. What am I supposed to do with a t-shirt at the beginning of the race? My car was parked too far to walk back and put it inside. Fortunately, two of our friends lived close enough that we were able to walk to their house and throw the shirts on their porch. But seriously, they couldn’t give the t-shirts out at the end?

The actual run was pretty uneventful. It was through some neighborhoods that had some nice houses so the scenery was pretty good. It was on the hilly side, but races in Atlanta almost always are. I ran with my friends Jamie and Lauren for the first two miles and then somehow fell behind them during the third. I finished about thirty seconds after them, at around 33 minutes. Not fast, but I’m okay with it.

After the race, we walked back to our cars and walked through the park where there were artists setting up their booths for the festival. I love this sort of thing. I have several pieces of art that I’ve bought from various festivals. We’re going back later on, so I might come home with another piece to add to the collection.


6 responses to “Adams Realty 5K

  1. Nice job!!! 33 minutes is just my style πŸ™‚

  2. Great job on the 5K! I’m with Allison, 33 minutes is my cup of tea! πŸ˜‰

  3. How fun for you! That’s about my pace on a 5K, 32 – 35 minutes depending. The art sounds wonderful. What a great all around experience!

  4. Nice work!! That is so silly that they gave you the shirt on the front end…duh! haha Hoe you get something new!!

  5. Wahoo! That is awesome – congratulations!

  6. glad to hear the race went well. πŸ™‚