Summer Shade Fest

Well, no art was purchased, but we did have a nice time at the Summer Shade Fest. We walked around and looked at the booths. I managed to find a massage booth that charged $1 a minute for a chair massage so I had a five minute massage. I have this spot in my left shoulder/upper back that is always sore. I’m assuming it’s from using a mouse all day. So, spending $5 to have someone try to work the knot out was well worth it. After we saw all the booths, we sat down on the grass next to one of the stages and listened to some music and talked for a while.


This was probably the most fun part of the festival for me. Jason almost never has a weekend day off, so it was really nice to be able to just spend time together. After about 2-3 hours, we decided to go home and regroup. And by regroup, I mean take a nap. I slept for about an hour and a half.

We wanted to go out to dinner and I remembered Angie’s recent post about eating at La Fonda and decided that would be just perfect for dinner. Their salsa is wonderful. I don’t know why, but I just love it. Although this batch did seem a tad too watery.


For my entree, I got some sort of chicken salad. I used salsa as the salad dressing.


I pretty much killed it.


After dinner, we met up with my friend Erin at a new bar in midtown called Ri-Ra. The bars in midtown are not really my scene. I much prefer more of a dive bar but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed Ri-Ra. We were there for about an hour or so and some of Erin’s friends wanted to go across the street to Cosmo-Lava. We went but I didn’t really enjoy myself. It’s more of a club and really not my thing.

Today is dark and rainy. I want to give the house a good cleaning. Cleaning is hard for me. By nature, I’m a messy person and so is Jason. But at the same time, I get very frustrated about how messy my house gets. If a friend were to drop by unexpectedly, I’d probably be a bit embarrassed at the state of our house. I’ll clean and it’ll get messy, I’ll get frustrated and mad and clean again and it’s a never-ending cycle. How do we just keep the house clean to begin with?


6 responses to “Summer Shade Fest

  1. cleaning is like a never ending process for me living with 4 girls, 3 dogs and a cat. good luck to you!

  2. homecookedem

    haha, isn’t La Fonda the name of the online g/f in Napoleon Dynamite?!

    I love mexican food so much! Salsa is a great salad dressing!!

    When I win the lottery, I’m hiring a maid. 🙂

  3. Ah, I’m forever cleaning too! Even if you DON’T make a mess and NEVER use the room, you still have to clean it beacuse of the accumulating dust…sigh!

  4. Ugh, cleaning. I don’t mind it so much, but it’s really hard with roommates because I don’t want to be a mom and tell them to pick their stuff up. I long for the day when I live by myself or have a husband I can boss around freely. 🙂

  5. I’m the same way with cleaning! I THINK about cleaning all the time – but more likely than not I’m able to find some distraction (read – EXCUSE!) that salad looks fab – and i love the idea of topping it with salsa! 🙂 nicely done!

  6. I would be ALL ABOUT one dollar/minute massages.