Commence Vacation, Commence Shopping

I don’t know about you, but I always think that the word commence means to end instead of begin. I guess because when you graduate, you have a commencement ceremony. Anyway, my vacation began yesterday at 1 pm when they let us out of work early.

I picked up some dry cleaning, dog food and got my eyebrows tamed and then came home and had sushi with Jason. After lunch, we packed up the car and headed up to Seneca, SC where Jason’s parents graciously agreed to watch Murphy for a week while we’re in Mexico. It was a very short trip as Jason had to work today at 2pm and I wanted to stop by at some outlet stores on the way home.

I need clothes in a major way. Most of my clothes are old and falling apart. I feel like I get a lot of clothes at Target and New York & CO and while they’re inexpensive and cute, the quality is lacking. Unfortunately, I’m not at the size I want to be, so I often hesitate on making more expensive purchases. But, as Clinton and Stacey say, “You should dress the body you have, not the one you want.” I’m pretty much between a size 8-10. Probably closer to the 10 although I have some 8s that fit. I need to keep reminding myself that a size 10 is not fat! Sometimes I refuse to try on a larger size on principle, but today told myself that if an 8 didn’t fit, try the 10. Because we had a time constraint, I didn’t really get much. I bought a shirt and some pants from the Gap. I tried on some straight leg, kind of skinny jeans there and also the Matchstick jeans at J. Crew and realized that skinny jeans just do not flatter my body type. I definitely have hips and when the jeans are too straight or skinny, I feel like I look like an inverted triangle; there needs to be something to balance it out at the bottom, you know? Anyone else have this problem and know a brand of straight leg (doesn’t have to be skinny) leg jeans that works? I know that Sarah just modeled some from Bennetton that looked great but I’m still not sure if I can ever pull off the look.

Speaking of stores, do you ever feel like the cuts from some stores just work for you and some just don’t? I can almost always find a bunch of stuff at the Gap but almost can never find anything at Banana Republic. It’s a shame because I like their stuff and the outlet prices are pretty decent, but it just never fits right! I wonder why that is? I mean, those two stores are even part of the same parent company.


7 responses to “Commence Vacation, Commence Shopping

  1. angieinatlanta

    I definitely find some stores fit me better than others – I do great at J.Crew and The Limited and terrible pretty much everywhere else! I have a boy body; I’m basically a rectangle!

    I definitely agree with buying for the body you have, not what you want. I think waiting to have the body you want is like putting your life on hold…and no one wants to do that!

  2. I only buy jeans at Express because theirs fit me the best. I’ve tried Old Navy in the past (when I was being cheap) and they just suck. I don’t like going to a ton of stores so I stick with Express for work pants & jeans and Ann Taylor Loft for everything else. The work pants at Express are pricey so I supplement with some from NY&CO. I find that NY&Co. pants last a decent amount of seasons – maybe its the way you’re washing them? Do you let your pants drag on the ground? if so HEM HEM HEM!! It’ll preserve the pants longer. Also, when I’m trying to be extra efficient I will hang dry my pants because the dyer just totally wears stuff out!

    I usually ask for a few supplements to my winter wardrobe for Hanukkah and it works to my advantage πŸ˜‰

  3. I try to buy stuff that is classic during seasonal sales to wear the next season. I tried to find some classic summers tuff at ATL but failed. Oh well.

  4. hehe in High school we would always start parties by saying ‘and let us commence.’ hehe losers.

    I agree! Some stories are SO ill fitting for me – The Limited and Express look awful on me! My favorites are Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor (for work clothes) and Anthropologie, Forever, H&M, Banana & Macy’s! I personally love skinny jeans because i have no hips and i’m short so it works well. When boot cut was all the rage it was hard for me and almost make me look sloppy. 😦

  5. I need to find some nice straight leg jeans as well…I have a hard time because I’m short!

  6. Pants are so hard to find for me! That’s why most of the time I just wear dresses and skirts. lol πŸ˜‰ I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit me!

  7. That is funny you say that….B Rep. pants seem to fit me great, but Gap? Not so much. Of course it would be the more expensive of the two that fits me better.

    I can’t wait until skinny jeans are out! I think they only look good on 2% of the population. πŸ™‚ As far as jeans go, I’m a firm believer of less is more – as in, I will spend a lot of $$ on jeans that fit great, but I seriously wear them till there are holes and I only have a few pairs. I need SUPER long jeans (35″ inseams), and I’ve had good luck with Sevens and Hudsons. I know they are pricey, but they seriously fit like a glove AND stretch if a gain a few pounds.