All Inclusive

I’m going to an All Inclusive resort in Cancun on Tuesday. Although I can’t wait, the concept of all inclusive does make me a bit nervous. What if the food is unhealthy? What if I go crazy with the free alcohol? I’ve been working pretty hard on my diet (and have lost about 3 pounds) and I don’t want to undue all my hard work. I’m not exactly sure what the food options at the hotel will be. I mean, I’m sure we’ll go out to eat elsewhere too (I might have already found a Natural Foods restaurant in Cancun, but don’t tell Jason!) but since the meals are included in the cost of the hotel, obviously we’ll be eating a lot there.

I’m more worried about the drinks though. Cancun conjures up images of people swimming up the a pool bar and ordering Margaritas and Pina Coladas and the like. I’m not a big frozen drink person, but I don’t exactly see myself swimming up to the bar and ordering a glass of Savignon Blanc.

Any suggestions for me?


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  1. i say live it up! your on vacation! as long as you don’t go absolutely nuts bingeing on junk food and getting drunk everyday, i really don’t think you are going to undo all your hard work. eat what you want, just watch your portion sizes. as for the alcohol, i’m sure cancun has drinks other than margaritas and pina coladas, lol. try some mexican beers, drink some lighter mixed drinks (rum and diet coke, gin and tonic…). have fun, and don’t stress too much!

  2. I TOTALLY understand how you’re feeling right now. I’ve been there so many times…. BUT, in my experience, all inclusive is actually the easiest way to eat healthy. Since everything is free, you get to choose whatever option you want! What I usually try to do is start the day out healthy with fruit, yogurt, cereal… I get up extra early and workout at the gym too. Then try to eat a nice sandwich with lean protein for lunch. Take walks on the beach to enjoy the scenery. I say enjoy a few special drinks. Don’t waste away in margaritaville, haha, you don’t want your vacation to be a blur. I always like to treat myself at dinner. Eat whatever you really want. Split a dessert with Jason.

    You will not undo your hard work. Lee, you deserve a vacation to relax and not worry about calories.

    I just realized my comment is coming across as slightly bossy (must be the teacher in me!) so just take what you want from it (ah, bossy again!!).

    Have a wonderful trip!! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats on losing 3 pounds! And oh…Cancun. I am so jealous. That is looking very nice on this cooler, rainy day in Indiana. 🙂

    Do you like beer? I’m not a huge mixed drink person, so a Corona Light with Lime (or Dos Equis) seems to fit the Mexican theme for me. I think what helps for me is not drinking with meals. Sounds weird, but that way I see the drinks as “treats.” Maybe you could check out the resort’s gym and go for some extra long walks?

    I know where you are coming from…I get freaked out whenever I go on vacay, but it almost always turns out all good. You certainly deserve this trip, so relax, have a great time, and do what feels comfortable to you in the moment. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  4. Oh hubby and I LOVE all inclusives – the food was amazing at the place we went to for our honeymoon. Since you’re paying for the Ai, there is absolutely NO reason to venture off the hotel property 😉 waste of money in my opinion.

    If you want to drink, stick to vodka w/ club soda or rum and diet cokes 🙂

  5. I’d say try to stick as closely to what you normally eat as you can for 2 meals each day, and then have one “splurge” meal. You could even split a dessert, but don’t deprive yourself or you’ll be craving it even more by day 3! Also, staying active is so important, as well as drinking lots of water. I’ve read many different places that the main reason we “gain weight” on vacation is really water retention from dehydration.

    The most important thing is to have a great time without feeling guilty about what you’re eating. You’ll do great!

  6. i recently stayed at iberostar in mexico and it was the same way. i ate WAY too much ice cream, the food was not the best.. i mean how good can it be to have to serve that many people all-they-can-eat. my suggestion is only eat the foods you truly enjoy and don’t eat just because you can!

  7. homegirlcaneat

    I am sure you’ll be fine! I went to Club Med Cancun when I was like 7 so I really didn’t have to worry about over-doing anything haha! But just keep all your meals light with all the AMAZING fresh fruit and veggies, so if you wan to drink, you have a leeway (no pun intended 😀 )

  8. angieinatlanta

    I went to Cabo last spring and made do with tequila + club soda + lime. It tasted tropical enough to satisfy my margarita craving without all of the calories. And I always worked out first thing in the morning, ate sensibly during the day, and splurged in the evening. I came back after 5 days and was only up 2 pounds, which I immediately lost so I know it wasn’t a real gain, just water retention.

  9. light beer + wine, and stick to 1-2 drinks/night. eat what you want, but seek out fresh + simple, watch portion sizes. and run/work out 🙂 you’ll be fine!!! have a wonderful trip!

  10. Hmm..the last time I was in Cancun I was 14 & wasn’t worrying about drinking…I remember my hotel had a okay breakfast in terms of healthy-ness (tons and tons of fresh fruit, omelettes that you could specify fillings in, etc.) I don’t really remember dinner or lunch, but I guess in the drinks department, maybe set a limit with yourself for how many drinks you can have during the whole week, or something.

    Also light beer, wine, and vodka w/ club soda and lime juice are all relatively low cal. 🙂