Mexican Recap

I was so slammed with work today. I knew that was going to happen. As I’ve mentioned, I’m basically my own department at my office. I’m the only one who handles the graphics and the only one who knows how to use the programs, for the most part. So when I go on vacation, the shit tends to hit the fan. A little bit.

Anyway, yeah, so today was stressful. At least it’s only a 4-day week for me. So, Mexico…

We stayed in the RIU Cancun hotel. It’s quite large, as you can see. We both had mixed feelings about the hotel. I think that if we were to go back to Cancun, we would not stay there.


• It was cheap. As in inexpensive.
• The service was impeccable. Everyone who worked there was extremely efficient and helpful.
• There were four different pools – an infinity pool, a quiet pool (also infinity), a pool with a bar and an activity pool.


• The beach had cabanas and you could rent snorkels for free. There were also waiters that took your drink order on the beach.


• Our room, a junior suite, was large.


• All rooms had an ocean view.
• It was within walking distance to a lot of the big clubs (Coco Bongos, Dady O’s, The City etc).

• There was a smell to the hotel. We couldn’t really figure out what it was. We thought maybe the water or the cleaning products that they used. You got used to it after a minute, but it was not exactly pleasant.
• The food was pretty mediocre. There was a lot to choose from in the buffet, but not much of it appealed to me. I mostly ate salad with pico de gallo and guacamole. There were three specialty restaurants on the resort that you had to make a reservation for – A Japanese restaurant, a steakhouse and a Brazilian restaurant. We tried the Japanese and the Steakhouse. Now, I’m not a vegetarian but I do like to eat meat-free a lot and none of the speciality restaurants catered at all to vegetarians. We didn’t try the Brazilian because there was absolutely nothing on the menu that looked appealing to me.
• The drinks were bad too. This might actually have been a pro as we didn’t drink that much because of it. The wine was awful. The mixed drinks all tasted syrupy and they only had Dos Equis for beer.
• The fitness room was hot and the machines were antiquated. I am probably one of the few people who actually visited the exercise room, so I wouldn’t really count that as a con for most people.

All in all, we had a very nice time. The highlight of the trip, for me, was our excursion to Selvatica. We did the Extreme Canopy tour. The first part of the tour consisted of 12 zip lines through the jungle. It was really fun! Unfortunately, but for obvious reasons, they don’t let you bring a camera. After we completed the ziplines, they took us to a cenote to swim. The cenote is basically a sinkhole. They said it was 55 feet deep in the center. You could climb down a ladder into it, jump off a cliff, or hang onto another zip line and jump off into the water. Everyone chose the zip line!


The other highlight of our trip was Coco Bongo. We’re not club people so the idea of going to a club didn’t really appeal to me but this one was different. There was a small elevated dance floor in the center of the room. For a while, people just danced on it while they played videos and stuff on a big screen in the background. They also played a ton of Coco Bongo advertisements for some reason. After a while, they cleared off the dance floor and did a Cirque di Soleil like show, complete with Acrobatic moves and everything. The show would last for about 5-10 minutes, then they go back to having people on the dance floor for another 5-10 minute and then start another show. This lasted for about 2.5 hours.


As far as what I was worrying about, gaining weight. It didn’t happen. The fact that the drinks weren’t good helped, I’m sure. The food looks good, but really it wasn’t.

I ate a lot of guac.




This soup was actually pretty good.


Breakfast that was actually good and that Jason made fun of! It’s plain and mango yogurt mixed with cereal and topped with some dried apples.


We did eat off the resort a few times. The first time we went to a restaurant called Margarita y Marijuana. We might have gone strictly for the name. They explained that it had something to do with Pancho Villa. I had some sort of Mexican flatbread with shrimp and salsa verde. Jason said it looked like something that I would make at home.



I had read about a restaurant called La More, but we asked the front desk where it was and they hadn’t heard of it. There was wi-fi in the hotel lobby, so I was able to use my iphone to find the address. This place was awesome. It was a small, natural foods restaurant and they had a huge selection of juices. MIght look like a strawberry daquieri, but really this is apple, beet and carrot juice! It was only 350 pesos which is like 3 dollars! I also had this really good shrimp dish that came in a pineapple and Jason had pasta.




On our last night, I felt that we needed to have a decent margarita, so we went across the street to some sort of touristy restaurant. It did the job, though. We also ordered ceviche.



So, that’s the short version complete with pictures. As much as I enjoyed our relaxing week, a part of me was anxious to get back home and back into my routine. And I missed my doggie.


7 responses to “Mexican Recap

  1. oh i love the recap! we stayed at iberostar quetzal in playa del carmen in april and i agree with your review of the rua 100%, it is like they were the exact same. i am sure most all inclusive resorts are like that. crappy food, crappy drinks.. but affordable for sure! and the weight room was dusty and from 1960 i am sure. haha. but it looks like you had fun, the zip line looks like a riot! awe, i bet your dog is happy to have you back!

  2. I loved reading your recap! Way to go on not gaining weight!! That is amazing!! Your shrimp dish in the pineapple dish looks great. So does the flatbread…

    Sorry work was stressful today. 😦 Hopefully things will settle down very soon. Only 3 more days until the weekend!!

  3. angieinatlanta

    Love this recap! It makes me long for Cabo!

    Your zip line sounds like fun…and I’m obsessed with ceviche!

    Hope your short week goes by fast!

  4. That shrimp looks amazing. I always go all-out on vaca, but I’m also always eager to back into my routine by the end of the week!


  5. Looks like you had an amazing time!! And way to go on no weight gain! Man, I have always wanted to do a zip line. It’s on my bucket list.

  6. Sorry about some of the weirdness – but all in all it looks like a pretty sweet trip! I am so excited for ours to get here already! 🙂 Although- I hope we have better luck with food and booze (but im thinking we are going to have a pretty similar experience to yours!)

  7. Great recap and pictures! I liked the pros and cons.

    I did on zip line on my honeymoon. I was scared to death! But it was an excursion from out cruise that I knew my husband would love (we went through a jungle in Belize). I could have never dropped from the line into water!