Driving through a monsoon

I went to the gym after work tonight and did a 2 mile run. After the run, I did the first workout from The New Rules of Lifting for Women. (NRLFW). I did these workouts about a year ago, but for some reason I stopped. I found the book in the trunk of my car and decided to start the program again. This is what I did:

2 sets of 15 squats using my body weight
2 sets of 15 push-ups girly style
2 sets of 15 seated rows (45 lbs)
2 sets of 15 step ups on each leg
2 sets of 8 prone jacknives on the stability ball

I haven’t really been weight training that much since I’ve been doing boot camp, but I liked doing this after my run. When I first lost a bunch of weight, I was doing a lot of weight training and for some reason, it petered off. So maybe by re-introducing it, I can jump start some weight loss. Or at least get more toned.

After the gym, I got caught in a major monsoon. Seriously, it was one of the scariest drives pretty much ever. At one point a car in the HOV lane sped by and the water from their tires completely covered my window and I couldn’t see anything! Everyone was driving like 30 mph on the highway. Then, after I got off, there was a river on one of the neighborhood streets near my house.

A package was waiting for me when I got home! A Kashi sample (go to their website; I think they still have them), 4 PB&J Larabars (thanks Sarah at Larabar!) and my new Road ID that I ordered before I went to Mexico. I got the shoe pocket. I figured keeping my money and key in my shoe might work better than shoving them in my bra. Or not. Who knows?


I made tofu for dinner using this method. The only problem was that I had purchased tofu that was already cubed, so I couldn’t really dry fry it evenly. It did help absorb the marinade though. I’d recommend this method, although I still can’t get my tofu to taste as good as it dose in a restaurant. I made a marinade out of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic, brown sugar and a bit of Mongolian Fire Oil. I marinated the tofu for about half an hour.

While the tofu was marinating, I sauteed some frozen pepper and onion blend and mixed it with fresh spinach. Then I added the tofu and the marinade and some cornstarch to thicken it up. The end result:



6 responses to “Driving through a monsoon

  1. angieinatlanta

    I got stuck in the same monsoon and it was literally scary!

    Your tofu looks yum! I’m a bit intimidated by it and I’ve never tried to make it at home but maybe I’ll attempt that method!

  2. yikes on the monsoon! yummm on the tofu and i actually saw the ad for kashi today which said they were giving away free samples. I should do that even though I have tried most of their cereals, I am never one to pass up free stuff!

  3. I got the kashi honey sunshine sample in the mail yesterday! I still haven’t gotten my larabar samples… 😦

    Your tofu looks so yummy!!

  4. That is so scary, I hate when it rains in Texas. I’m sad to say many don’t know how to drive…I do, but a lot don’t. they drive turtle like or super fast and cause accidents. I love rice and veggie dishes too.

  5. Scary about the monsoon! I also find that my body responds well to weights. Your tofu dish looks delish!

  6. driving in the rain is never fun, especially in traffic. 😦

    your tofu dish looks awesome! i’ve been seeing lots of pics with tofu on blogs recently, and although i’ve never tried it (well, in some premade products, there have been bits of tofu), you guys are convincing me that i need to!