Rainy Run

So, for the second time in like a month, I packed the wrong gym clothes to take to work. Specifically, I packed two different shoes. At least it was a right and left, but still. I obviously couldn’t go straight to the gym in my mismatched shoes. I really need to not pack my bag in the dark. I have also had numerous times when I’ve realized that I had my underwear inside out, but do I really need to be sharing that with the interwebs? Probably not.

I digress. So I got home and decided to run my 4 miles outdoors. Now there was a 70% chance of rain, but I decided to risk it. I got about 1.5 miles into it and got poured on. It actually felt pretty good, but I had my ipod and my Garmin on and didn’t want to get them wet so I decided to turn around. I’ve mentioned that the first mile of my run is always uphill. Here are the stats to back that up and yes, I’m a slow-poke!

Mile 1 – 12:24
Mile 2 – 11:31 (I stopped for a red light and didn’t stop my Garmin)
Mile 3 – 9:54

Of course, once I got back to my house, it stopped raining, but I didn’t want to run past my house and back because the road changes and it isn’t as conducive to running. After my run, Jason and I met up with our friend Joan and went to an Indian restaurant called Planet Bombay. The three of us split a bottle of wine. I had tofu chana masala. And too much naan. That damn naan always gets me. It’s so good. Now I am uncomfortably full and I didn’t finish my meal. My tummy hasn’t been right since Mexico.

Well, that’s about it. Tomorrow is Friday. I’m going to a friend’s 30th birthday party. Should be fun.


4 responses to “Rainy Run

  1. i am notorious for forgetting to bring socks. probably about once a week- it sucks

  2. I am so over all this rain. I’ve done way too many runs this week on the treadmill. I’m such a baby about running in the rain.

    I’ve got 9 tomorrow, and have a nice run mapped through Midtown, Ansley, the Highlands, and back through Piedmont area. I’m praying for rain to stop – but am prepared to run it in the rain. No way am I doing 9 on a treadmill.

  3. Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!

    The naan always gets me too! It is almost impossible for me to stop at one piece!! It’s so heavenly!

    Happy Friday!! 🙂

  4. Hope the 30th birthday was FUN! I’m SO OVER this rain – I just hate it and it’s turned me into quite the whiner. Grrrr. haha two different shoes.