Still Dreary

I just found out some not-so-good, health-related news about a family member. I don’t want to get into it on a public site like this, but I am not feeling too great at the moment about it.

My mood kind of matches the weather outside. It’s been extremely dreary all morning. I was actually sort of enjoying it until I got this news.

I have to go to a bridal shower at two. I might sneak in a small workout beforehand to clear my head.


4 responses to “Still Dreary

  1. angieinatlanta

    I’m sorry to hear about the bad news. I hope everything works out.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  2. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping everything gets better. Take care of yourself!

  3. I hope everything turns out okay, girl. 😦

  4. Sorry to hear that you had some bad news, I hope that things work out. Hang in there.