Sticking to the plan

I usually maintain a certain level of fitness that allows me to slack a little bit on following my half-marathon training plan in the beginning weeks. I mean, obviously I’m not getting any faster by slacking, but I can still do the race if I am sure to stick with the plan starting around week 6. This is week 6. I really meant to stick with it from the beginning. My race is flat and I wanted to PR. The problem was boot camp. It was really, really hard to have to go to boot camp in the morning and run at night. So usually one or the other was compromised. But now it’s getting into that crucial time and I have to do my runs. I have one more week of boot camp, so I am going to try to do both, but if I miss one, it’s going to be boot camp. Annoying since I’m paying for it, but I don’t want to run this race unprepared. I don’t like two-a-days.

Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles outside. Yes, outside. It was the first time that it wasn’t raining in a week. We got 7.5 inches in 6 days! I was fortunate in that my area of town was not really affected by the massive flooding that we’ve seen around other parts of the city. The run was rather uneventful except that my friend kept getting bad cramps and we’d have to stop for a while. On the plan for today was 3 mile run or 30 minute cross. I went to boot camp. We did some running and more than 30 minutes of exercise, so I figured it counted.

On to the food. We still had a lot of the shrimp coconut soup left from the other night. I was just going to eat it but Jason decided to transform it into something else. Voila! Coconut shrimp stir-fry.


Pretty imaginative, huh? I’m not even sure what he did, but it turned out pretty good. Jason is good at whipping things up in the kitchen based on what we have on hand. I, on the other hand, must follow a recipe or I come up with something not-so-good. I’m about to meet three of my girlfriends for dinner which should be nice. I’m still under some stress, so this will be a nice reprieve.


8 responses to “Sticking to the plan

  1. Glad to hear your neighborhood escaped flood damage! Our’s did as well. No leaks or any flooding whatsoever. I am really feeling thankful.

    Remind me again… what 1/2 are you doing? The Silver Commet?

    Have a nice dinner with your friends!! 🙂

    • Yeah, we had no damage either. Some of my co-workers who live in Douglas County have not been able to go to work all week though. One of them hasn’t had water.

      Yeah, the Silver Comet Half. Have you done it before?

  2. angieinatlanta

    My neighborhood avoided damage as well! Thankfully, I live somewhere high and dry.

    Any news yet?

  3. wow that is quite the amount of rain! glad you got an outdoor run in. that stir fry looks great! and i bet it was nice to have it made for you 🙂

  4. Great job on your outdoor run.

    I want that stir fry.

  5. wow a lot of rain! that looks really yummy! i just came across your blog! fun stuff~

  6. Nice looking stirfry! Don’t you just love getting new shoes? It seriously makes me so happy. Lunch at Whole Foods helps too 🙂

  7. Glad to hear your neighbor didn’t get bad flooding like everywhere else!

    That dinner looks pretty yum!