Eight at Eight

I got up bright and early this morning to do my 8-mile run. I am doing this race with two friends. One of them works the night shift as a nurse and had just gotten off work. She wanted to run early so she could go to sleep. I was fine with it. I think it’s much nicer to get the run over with so I can enjoy a leisurely day, rather than having the impending run looming over my head.

This run was pretty easy. And if you look at my stats, you’ll see why! Negative splits, anyone? I can explain.

Distance – 8 miles. Total time: 1:38:35
Mile 1 – 13:17
Mile 2 – 13:50
Mile 3 – 13:33
Mile 4 – 13:31
Mile 5 – 13:47 (we walked for some of this one)
Mile 6 – 10:01
Mile 7 – 10:45
Mile 8 – 9:54

Umm, yeah. I am not a fast runner. I knew we were running the first mile pretty slowly, but I always run the first mile at a slower pace so I wasn’t really bothered by it. But after a while, I realized that we were going really, really slow. I kind of felt like I was doing a fast walk. I didn’t know what to do because I wanted to stay with my friends, so I just shuffled along for a while. At the turn around point, we decided that we didn’t need to stay together. Or rather, I just picked up the pace a bit. One of my friends stayed with me and the other stayed behind. Miles 6, 7 and 8 are much more of my truer pace. I don’t really know what to do when I’m running with friends and they run at a different pace. Do I just go ahead? Honestly, I’m usually on the other side of that, where I’m the slow one. I felt like we were going very slowly in the beginning but was sort of shocked to see how slow it really was. Typically I like for all my miles to be in 10 minute range, give or take.

Anyway, the run is done and all in all, it went fine. I kind of feel bad that one friend and I ran ahead of the other one, but I don’t think I should. Right? I know that during the race, everyone is fine running her own pace. But sometimes I feel like when we train, we are supposed to run together. Except that I want to challenge myself by maintaining a pace that feels a little bit challenging.

That was my morning. It’s very nice that I have the rest of the day to do what I please. Apparently, doing what I please consists of getting into a dumb argument with my mother about my wedding registry. Ugh.


5 responses to “Eight at Eight

  1. Usually I’m the slower runner too. That pace was really almost walking pace. I think as long as you didn’t leave one person all by themselves (which it sounds like the group just split up) it is fine.

    Enjoy registering!!! It was one of my most favorite parts. Don’t do too much at Target because if someone doesn’t give you a gift receipt you can’t return it. Bed Bath and Beyond is so much fun. You are much nicer than me – I didn’t let my mom do anything (well she picked out the cake). I kinda regret that now, but it would have been too much back and forth for me.

    • We did leave one person behind. I couldn’t help it; I just couldn’t run that slowly.

      We’re registered at Crate & Barrel and Amazon.com. Do you think we should do a third?

      • Sometimes you can’t help leaving someone behind. If I was running slow I’d understand.

        I LOVE Crate & Barrel. But there were some people that hadn’t heard of it (the horrors!) I did 3 – Crate & Barrel, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. I did Target because if someone needed to pick up something while they were there it would be easy.

  2. I’ve left friends behind during races many times and I’ve also been left behind. One time I left a really good friend behind training at a park. She was sick and told me to go on. I think it’s fun running with friends, but if they’re slowing you down that much, you are right to go on ahead. If I were the slow one, I’d prefer someone to go on ahead b/c I’d feel bad about slowing them down.

    WAY to go on the 8 at 8!! 🙂

  3. I think it is so hard to run with someone! I feel bad if I’m faster, and bad if I’m slower. I need more running buddies!

    The negative splits are awesome!! Great run. 🙂