Save the date

I’m designing a Save the Date card for our wedding. I want to put a picture of us on it. I can’t decide which one. Opinions please.






Or should we take some pictures specifically for this?


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  1. angieinatlanta

    Love these pics! I like the one where you’re both dressed up, or the casual one where you’re both wearing sunglasses. They’re cute!

    A couple of summers ago, I went to a wedding where right after the ceremony, the bride and the groom took pictures holding a sign that said THANK YOU and they had that printed as their thank you cards. I thought it was such a cute idea!

    • Oh, that is a good idea for the thank you cards!

      I like the sunglasses one. I just didn’t know if it should be more formal. I am so not good at this wedding stuff!

  2. It is YOUR wedding so you get to decide whether it’s formal or informal. There really aren’t too many rules other than basic etiquette for weddings these days!

    I like either #2 or #3! Have you thought about putting it on a magnet? That’s what we did and that way people can just stick it on the fridge! 🙂 My mom actually made mine. She bought all the magnets and somehow was able to print everything on them. If you’re interested in knowing more, let me know and I can ask her more about how she did that. Or you can just order them online. It’d save you a lot of trouble and they’ll probably look a bit more professional.

  3. I like 2, 3, and 4. I did do pictures specifically for the save the date cards – but my brother is a photographer so they were free. 🙂 Otherwise I don’t know if I would have taken specific pictures.

    You can do a lot of the save the date stuff online – I did mine at Wolf Camera.

  4. You could take pics specifically for your special occasion but I do love the 2nd pic!

  5. They are ALL super cute! My fav (since you asked!) 😉 – number 3! I think its the best of both of you!

  6. I love #2. So glam!

  7. My fave is #3 because it looks very natural and YOU!

  8. I vote for #2. #3 would be my next choice.

  9. #3 is the best with no sunglasses.

    i would do MAGNETS!!! pretty inexpensive – go on theknot and get some recs for websites – I can’t remember which company we went with for magnets but they turned out fab and all our guests loved them!


  10. Okay, how’s this for indecisive – I like #2, #3 AND #4. And I love the magnet idea! I’ve gotten those before for weddings and they are easier to keep track of (i.e. I don’t lose them as much).

  11. I say #3 in black/white!!

    We made our save-the-dates and included 4 or 5 photos (from our engagement shoot) – i had them put on postcards so they were cheap to mail! GREAT pics though – they will look awesome with any one of them!

  12. I like the dressed up/sunset one.

    Another cute idea B’s aunt and uncle used was they took different pictures for each word “save” “the” “date” “xx xx 20xx” with different poses – piggybacks, smiling, goofy faces, etc and had them made into magnets. Hard to explain but I hope you understand what I mean 😀

    I am having an applesauce giveaway if you are interested 🙂