Help Me Choose

What do you think?




It’s sort of hard to see, but there is a pink branch pattern in the background. When I tilt my laptop a certain way, I can see it.


9 responses to “Help Me Choose

  1. angieinatlanta

    I love the first one – the background is so beautiful that it’s almost unreal! And you guys both look great!

  2. I like #2. Now it’s tied. 🙂

  3. I love both, but #1 is my fave! 🙂 I agree with angie, the background just can’t be beat… 🙂 This is so much fun!! 🙂

  4. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    I like number 1, but I’d crop out the sides so you’re closer. I’m a cropaholic, though 😉

  5. Not to be a “joiner,” but I love number one because of the setting. But that would be a great opportunity in San Diego to maybe take some pics!

  6. The first one is better than the 2nd, imho. Either crop the photo though, or photoshop the ‘person’ out of the background. I think it takes away from you and Jason.

  7. I think #1 is best, especially especially because the background image is elegant.

  8. I like #1!

  9. I like #2. I like the close up action and the fact that you guys are cool and casual.