We’re safe and sound in Coronado, CA. We arrived yesterday around 1pm PST. We took a taxi to our hotel and immediately walked around looking for lunch. Since it felt like 4pm to us, and I’d basically only had some toast and a granola bar, I was starving. We walked down Orange Ave and came across the Coronado Brewing Company. I tried the Orange Ave. ale. Apparently, I felt the need to make my “mean” face while drinking it.


Since San Diego is known for Fish Tacos, I had to get them. I asked for two mahi-mahi tacos with no cheese and no sour cream. For some reason, they left it off one and put it on the other. Oh well, I ate it anyway.


After lunch, we walked to a park where you could see the skyline of San Diego.


We came back to our hotel, took a nap and met up with the soon to be bride and groom and some of the bride’s family at a Mexican restaurant called Miguel’s. I ordered the Fiesta Salad sans taco shell and sour cream. Of course, I ate way too many chips so I barely made a dent in the salad. After dinner, we walked over to the Hotel del Coranado for a drink.


Although it was only about 10pm, we were exhausted. I knew that I had to run in the morning, so I just wanted to go to sleep. I woke up today pretty early, around 7:30. After looking at some maps of the island, I kind of figured out a route. I am fortunate in having a very good sense of direction so I figured if I got lost, I’d find my way again. Coronado seems to be laid out in sort of a grid and it’s not that big, so it was pretty easy to navigate. Unlike San Diego, Coronado is flat which made for a nice run. I was a little bit dehydrated from drinking yesterday, but not too bad. I did about 6.5 miles. My training plan called for a 10K today. Even though I definitely did not run at a racing pace, I still did the mileage of a 10K so I’m satisfied with it.

We’re going to get ready to take a ferry to San Diego and explore. Later, we have tentative plans to meet up with my friend Tim, who moved here from Atlanta about 3.5 years ago.


8 responses to “California

  1. ha! I love your “mean” face.

    Congrats on the run! I’m sure the weather is absolutely beautiful there…and running is such a fun way to take in new sights. Enjoy the rest of your trip and can’t wait to see pics!

  2. Oh, I hate when I get lost. Hope your having fun out there.

  3. homecookedem

    Way to go on the run!! I’m very impressed!! I’d be nervous about running in a new city because unlike you I am very bad with directions. But I bet you get to see some great sights along the way! Enjoy the rest of your trip!! 🙂

  4. love the “mean” face! but it does not look too mean 🙂 nice job exercising, and have a FUN weekend!

  5. angieinatlanta

    Great job on the run! I’m so bad about never ever running while on vacation…

    Have fun on the West coast!

  6. I have never had a fish taco before – can you believe it!!!?? I must try one 🙂

  7. yummy fish tacos! one of my best friend’s from college lives in San Diego and I have YET to visit her! It looks so beautiful though. Have a blast!

  8. glad to hear you made it safe!! sounds like your having lots of fun! great run too.
    love me some fish tacos!