3 or 5?

The Hills SUCKS without Lauren. That’s what I have to say about that.

Five miles was on the plan tonight. I got home from work about 15 minutes late and Murphy was in need of a walk. By the time I was ready to run, it was already almost 6:30. It seems like it’s getting dark right after 7 now, so I didn’t really want to risk running in the dark. So, it was either the gym or nothing. And let me tell you, I contemplated doing nothing. But then, as I was thinking about dinner and realizing that my salmon and cucumbers needed to marinate, going to the gym just made sense.

On the plan this for the week is two five-milers, a three-miler and a long run. I wasn’t feeling like running when I got there. For a minute, I contemplated just doing an elliptical workout, but I felt like it would sort of a waste of a night at the gym. I figured that I had two treadmill options – 3 or 5 miles. The first three miles are always the hardest for me. I kept telling myself that once I got to three, I could stop but once I got there, I realized that running another two miles would be easier than doing the entire 5 miles tomorrow.  It doesn’t exactly make sense, but it seemed to work.  So I did the entire 5 miles.  It took 51:30.  That counted a 3 minute walk in there.  Most of the miles were at 6.0, but I did one at 5.8 and then the last quarter at 6.5.


5 responses to “3 or 5?

  1. angieinatlanta

    I agree – I am officially over the Hills!

    Awesome job powering through that run!

  2. I haven’t even watched because I’ve heard that from numerous people….and Kristin TOTALLY bugs me. I saw her at the VMA’s when she presented an award and I hate how she thinks she’s hot s*&^. 🙂

  3. lol.

    I thought your opening sentences was about running in Atlanta without me!