Peachtree City Classic 15K

I wrote this last night, but my internet was out:

My internet is not working. So annoying. But it probably is a good thing to go internet free for a night; I might have an eeny weeny internet addiction.

Last night Jason and I went out for sushi for dinner. I thought about getting pasta or something to carbo-load, but was craving sushi so we went for it. Rice has carbs, right? After dinner, we just chilled out at home where I made myself a new playlist for my race.

This morning, my alarm went off bright and early. I drove over to Dave’s house at around 6:20. The three of us took off for Peachtree City, where the race was held. Peachtree City is an interesting place. I guess it’s a big retirement community with tons of golf courses. The interesting part is that people drive golf carts around the city, like to the grocery store and stuff.

We walked up to the registration tables and picked up our numbers. And vests. Yes, vests. For some reason, instead of a t-shirt, this race had an ugly technical vest. A t-shirt, I’ll wear, be it to the gym or to sleep, but a vest? What am I going to do with that besides stick it in a bag for Goodwill? We had some time, so we brought the vests back to the car and sat inside to warm up a bit. I then realized that I forgot to put my carefully crafted mix onto my ipod. Oops. I decided to go with my ING 2009 mix.

The race began on a flat road. Dave ran ahead and I ran with Jamie for the first mile or so. After that, we split up. The course was interesting. We went through a neighborhood for a while and then at about Mile 1.5, we went onto a series of golf cart paths in the woods. It was very pretty. It was a narrow path, but there weren’t that many runners so it was fine. The only part that I didn’t like was every so often, we’d go through a tunnel and it was really dark and everyone would have to slow down as not to trip over one another.

I felt good until the 10K point, where I started to get tired and started to doubt myself. But then I passed a person shouting out the clock time and when I realized that my pace was decent, I got a burst of energy. I started eating some Luna Moons which also helped. I’d been drinking water at all the stops but at Mile 8, I went for some gatorade. I don’t really like to drink too much Gatorade during races because it bothers my stomach but felt like I needed some electrolytes. The last mile or so of the course was beautiful. The path went around a lake which provided some inspiration in a way.

I’d set a goal for myself for 1 hour and 40 minutes. As I rounded the last corner back onto the road where the race ended, I saw that the clock said 1:30something. I squinted and realized it was 1:38. I gave it my all and managed to finish in about 1:39 (clock time, not sure about chip time.) I was really proud of myself. Especially considering that I’d just run 9.375 miles in the exact same time that I’d run 8 two weeks before!

Afterwards, I took a hot shower to warm up. I had a chill down to my bones that I couldn’t shake. It was pretty good racing weather, but a definite sudden cold-snap that I wasn’t used to at all. I laid in bed for about an hour and then got ready to meet one of my friends for the Little Five Points Halloween Parade.

We sat outside at the Brewhouse Cafe to watch the parade. We’d gotten there early enough to get a table. Problem was, it was really cold and windy out. I had on a jacket, scarf and hat and was still freezing. We watched the entire parade, but I was uncomfortable the entire time. Afterwards, we wanted to get dinner, but decided that L5P was too crowded, so we drove over to The Earl in East Atlanta. The Earl is this sort of punk dive bar, but they have the best food. I got my favorite, the marinated tofu veggie pita with a side salad. How’s that for bar food?

After dinner, all I really wanted to do was take a nap so that’s what I did. Two hours on the couch. I always think that I can run a pretty long distance and be ready to party afterwards, and it’s always so not the case. I wasn’t that hungry all day, but after my nap, my appetite returned with a vengence. I made myself a milkshake and a large bowl of popcorn. My legs are a bit sore now. Especially my calves and shins.


9 responses to “Peachtree City Classic 15K

  1. Fabulous job on the race. I think you did the right thing with listening to your craving and going for sushi rather than pasta, it worked for you! Now is the fun part, relax and recoup, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  2. Wonderful job on the race! My friend is going to move to Peach Tree next year. She mentioned how everyone drives around on golf carts, but not that it’s a retirement community.

  3. Congrats on the race! That’s awesome that you met your goal time. I remember after my marathon I wasn’t that hungry right afterwards, but then consumed half a bottle of wine and a boatload of popcorn that night! Have fun resting! 🙂

  4. angieinatlanta

    Great job on your race and meeting your goal!

  5. WOW!! You must be so proud of yourself right now!! I’m so excited for you that you did so well!! That is kinda odd they gave yall vests… did you run in the atl thanksgiving 1/2 last year? Those were the best shirts ever!! Every race in cold weather should have shirts like those.

  6. Wow – congrats on beating your goal time! That is awesome. And a nap is completely deserved after that hard work!

  7. Congrats on beating your goal!

    I’m with you on the vest – what good is THAT?