I mostly eat the same breakfast every morning. An egg sandwich. 1/2 cup of egg beaters, 1 slice of reduced fat cheese and some sort of bread (the bread changes, it might be regular whole wheat, it might be an english muffin, etc.) This breakfast keeps me full until lunch time, four hours later. Whenever I switch it up, I get hungry much quicker. For example. yesterday I had oatmeal with some almond butter and pumpkin butter. And of course, I was famished two hours later. It’s funny how different things fill different people up. I know that a lot of bloggers eat oatmeal for breakfast and are completely content until lunch. I am just not one of them. What do you eat for breakfast? Do you find yourself hungry before lunch time? Do you eat basically the same thing every day?

I’m finding this meal planning thing to be easier that I thought. Really the hardest part is figuring out what I want to make. Jotting down the ingredients on my grocery list and actually buying them is pretty easy. Now granted, I’m starting out pretty slowly. I planned three dinners for the week. Last night was the Indian meal, tonight will be chicken fingers and Thursday will be tortilla pizzas, which is not even really a recipe.

I’ve been thinking about how to give my blog more structure. Maybe structure isn’t the word I’m going for. Fluidity, perhaps. A lot of food bloggers take pictures of every meal. While I don’t want to do this myself, it does seem to provide better flow. The pictures sort of become woven into the story of what said blogger did all day. i.e. I went running X miles this morning (talks about run) and then afterwards ate breakfast (shows picture and recipe etc). Mine is more like me talking about something random in one paragraph, then showing a recipe with a picture in the next, then talking about something completely different in the following. Do you know what I mean? It isn’t fluid. Maybe I should post recipes in their own posts and not try to intersperse them into my daily thoughts? This post is a perfect example. Although there is no recipe, these three paragraphs are about something completely different. My thoughts just jump around like that (hence, the abundance of parentheses). I’d like to get input on this. What would make my blog entries seem more fluid? Or is everything okay the way it is?


8 responses to “Fluidity

  1. lee i just caught up on 6 posts! whew! first off i started out cracking up thinking about a road trip to greece. then i drooled at the goulash. im hungry. then i was intrigued with the 15k recap, WOW.. nice! i am so impressed 🙂 then i was drooling AGAIN at the indian food. mmmmm. haha.. i like randomness. my posts are SO all over. i like that! and i like the way you blog.. keep it up!! xox

  2. I think that your format is nice because it IS different from all the rest. It’s nice to read random thoughts and then see a picture of a pretty meal you ate. I say go with it! I also think it’s fascinating how people differ with their morning breakfast keeping them full. I think my yogurt messes kept me full the longest, I might just have to get back to that even though it’s cold now and I crave warm things for breakfast. hmmmm…

  3. I never thought about it that way – very interesting! And talk about random…I feel like I’m ALL over the place.

    I could never “food blog,” but I guess the reason I like to read them is for the routine. So I do know what you mean about fluidity. But I agree with Caroline…I like blogs like yours because they are different than the others. But if you want to change it up, maybe you could dedicate posts specifically to either eating, working out, or just random things?

  4. I think your post is just fine because it’s coming from your brain. That’s how I try to think about my posts sometimes. Although it’s a lot about food for me, I find myself wanting to talk about other things, so I do once in a while. It’s nice.


  5. I struggle with this a lot too, finding the right “flow” for my blog. Lately though, I’ve decided that since blogging is just my fun hobby, that it’s ok for my posts to be as random as I want them to be. I bet I’d have more readers if I was more structured, but honestly I don’t want to be a “I ate this, then I worked out here, then I did this” type of blogger…there are tons of those.

  6. Just write. Your voice. And throw some pictures up when you can.

    Honest is the best way, methinks.

    I cannot stand oatmeal for Breks. I’ll eat it if I have to, but it totally doesn’t fill me up. Give me grainy bread and eggwhites any day. Or a fruit smoothie.

  7. I too am beginning to reevaluate the format of my blog. To be honest, I think it’s your blog and you should write whatever you want whenever you want. I personally like yours because nothing is forced and you just write what’s on your mind. I’m thinking of moving in the same direction…

    I’ve been eating the same yogurt mess for weeks now and love it. I do also like the egg beater breakfast sammies too, but grabbing a yogurt, some cereal, and fruit has been quicker and easier since I’ve been much busier lately. But those sammies hold me for sooooo long too! Love that!

  8. i like your flow, too.

    i usually eat an ezekiel english muffin with PB and some kind of fruit (or whole grain toaster waffles w/ the same). unless i have a hard run in the AM, it keeps me full for often up to 6+ hours!

    if i do work out in the AM, though, i need a midmorning snack of some kind.