My first hot yoga experience

My co-worker/friend Desiree and I have been talking about going to a hot yoga class for a while now. One of us always was busy or had some excuse so we kept putting it off. On Monday, we decided that today was going to the be the day that we went.

I’ve never been much for yoga. I’ve done a handful of classes at LA Fitness and some DVDs, but never really got into it. I am very inflexible, especially in my hamstrings, and would spend the majority of the class annoyed at myself that I couldn’t get into the pose.

I thought that maybe going to a real yoga studio might make it more enjoyable. I also hoped the heated room would loosen me up. I was sort of nervous for some reason. I guess mostly about the heat more than anything. Too many stories on the news about people dying in sweat lodges! The room was small and it was warm, but it wasn’t too incredibly uncomfortable.

The class was 75 minutes long and, all in all, I really enjoyed it. I had some trouble with some of the poses, but generally felt like I was getting it. I had to use a strap for the poses that required leaning forward and grabbing your feet. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to touch my toes! I felt like I got a good workout and the 75 minutes just flew by. I felt all loose afterwards; sort of like I’d had a massage!

A few things that I didn’t like so much. No music. Is that normal for yoga? Also, the instructor was saying the names of poses but I had no clue what she was talking about. I basically had to look around and see what other people were doing. I kind of wish she would have come over to me and helped me with my form on some things. The class was really crowded, though, so maybe that’s why she didn’t.

We talked about going back next week. The only thing stopping me from going regularly is the cost. It was $17 for one class. If you do more, the cost per class decreases, but it’s still a lot considering that I already spend $35 a month at LA Fitness.

Dinner tonight was a frozen Kashi pizza. For a pizza that prides itself on being veggie, there were very few vegetables on this thing. Fortunately, in the depths of my freezer, I found some frozen peppers and onions and some broccoli. I took a picture, but my camera is in the other room and it’s a frozen pizza, not very blogworthy!


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  1. I took yoga as a credit earlier this semester & I didn’t love it, but I’d like to try it sometime in a REAL class, not a bunch of senior guys who just need one credit. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s my one dislike about “traditional” yoga studios (compared to classes at gyms) is that the instructor ASSUMES you know all the crazy terms. Don’t be afraid to look around at the others in class – I’ve been doing yoga for awhile and still forget what all those terms mean!

    Definitely embrace the yoga props. My first couple times at a yoga studio, I was all “oh, I’m flexible, I don’t need that block.” OH YES I DID. I nearly pulled a hammy. I learned quick!

    The flexibility will come with time – especially in a hot room. You’ll be surprised just how fast you’ll be bending like a pretzel!

  3. whoa. That is MAD expensive. Totally not worth it! A lot depends on the teacher, though, and I think you might have gotten a crummy one.

  4. What kind of hot yoga was it? I do Baptiste Power Yoga and love it. There isn’t any music which has never really bothered me because I have never done yoga before with music. I would recommend going to a beginners class or a time that might be less crowded because you have a better chance of getting the instructor to help you with some of the postures. It’s great to look around though, that’s what they encourage at my studio. Also that’s crazy expensive. You might want to see if there are any cheaper studios out there. The Baptiste studio I go to is about 11 dollars a class. Good for you for going though and I am glad that you enjoyed yourself overall. I think it’s a great compliment to running.

  5. Where did you go? I used to go to Atlanta Hot Yoga (across from the Fresh Market on Peachtree in between Midtown and Buckhead), and I loved it. I need to start going again, but I haven’t found anywhere here I like.

  6. Maybe you could try their 10 days for $30 pass? That way you can try it out a few more times to know if you really like it or not. They also have 10 classes for $125 (I think), which would be perfect if you just want to go once every week or two.

    I still use a block to touch my toes!

  7. angieinatlanta

    You are so brave! I am so afraid of hot yoga (and yoga in general because I am not very bendy) but I want to try it. I just have to summon up the courage…

  8. I’ve never taken a hot yoga class! I’ve made one with a space heater, but have never gone to one. I really want to, but I don’t think anywhere around here offers it! The no music thing would turn me off, too.

  9. I’ve never done hot yoga, but it doesn’t sound too appealing. I picture hot, sweaty, smelly, and crowded! I like that idea – do your own DVD with a heater!! πŸ™‚

  10. I’m trying my hardest to get “into” yoga, too. My body feels so good afterwards…but the $$ is a major drawback for me. I have found some really good classes online lately… and are both good and FREE! The only drawback is that I sometimes have to google what the poses look like on

  11. I still want to do a hot yoga class! I’m just curious about it…I think you either love it or hate it. But the no music thing? I don’t know about that…the music is kind of what helps me to relax sometimes.

  12. Cool about the hot yoga, lol!

    Frozen pizzas never have enough dang veggies. Glad you found some extras to add on.