The 5K that wasn’t

I am so annoyed right now. I got up early this morning and made my way over to Cabbagetown, about a 10 minute drive, for the Romp & Stomp 5K. It started out fine enough although I forgot my Garmin. I ran into a guy that I knew and made small talk until the race started. I might have gone out too quickly. When I passed the first mile marker, the volunteer there said the time was 8:50. I slowed down a little bit and kept running. Mile 1 had come up really quickly, but after a while, I was like, “Where is the Mile 2 marker?” I kept running and before you knew it, was at the finish line. I’d never passed the second mile marker and the finish line clock said 23:02. The first thing that I thought when I saw the finish line was that there was no way that this was 3.1 miles. There were a lot of grumbles from everyone that this was not a 5K. I heard later that it was something like 2.6 miles. Apparently, we’d all missed some street and cut off a half mile. I am pissed. I paid money to run a 5K, not less. I wanted to PR in this, and think that I was totally on schedule to. I just wrote an email to the race director expressing my disappointment. I feel like this was a total waste of my morning. Oh well. I got a t-shirt. And free chili for the festival later this afternoon.

On a happier note, I had a really good time at the blogger dinner last night! We planned to meet at Seasons 52 at 7:45. Of course, I underestimated the amount of time it took me to get there and was a little late. When I got there, I found Laura getting a glass of wine at the bar. I joined her and we were soon joined by Liz and Angie. Since four out of six of us were there, they let us sit down. After a while, we were like, “Where are Kelly and Emily? We ordered some Rosemary flatbread while we waited. It was camera shy apparently. Or really, I was. Which is kind of silly since I was with a bunch of bloggers that take pictures of their food! After a while, a manager came over to our table and asked which one was Lee. I said it was me and he said that Kelly was on the phone for me. Apparently, she and Emily had both gone to the other Seasons 52. Oops! Since we’d all never met, no one had anyone’s cell number. It took a while, but they made it back to the restaurant where we were!

I had the Mediterranean Shrimp Salad. So did Laura. I think I liked it better than she did!


We had a lot of fun talking and were there for over three hours. I looked at my phone at some point and was shocked that it was after 11. I thought we all got along really well and could be friends in “real life.” It was sort of strange to know so much about these people’s lives when we’ve never even met before. The power of technology.


L-R: Emily, Liz, Laura, Me, Angie, Kelly

I’m really glad that we met up and such cool girls live in Atlanta!


14 responses to “The 5K that wasn’t

  1. Oh no!! I hate to hear about the 5k but am SO GLAD you wrote the letter. That really is crap. 😦 At least you got the tee though and yes, free chili is pretty sweet! I hope they make it right though.

    Yes- SO good to meet you guys last night – thanks again for coordinating! I really enjoyed it but am still SO SORRY that me and Em are apparently dingy. haha Have a good rest of your day! πŸ™‚

  2. That’s weird that it was so disorganized! I don’t think it was the first time that they had it, right? Hopefully the director has some sort of explanation or apology.

    I’m so glad that we met up last night! I also couldn’t believe that we were there for so long… I only started to realize it when I noticed that the restaurant was clearing out! Haha

  3. Thank you so much for arranging last night’s dinner!! I totally did NOT mean to be so tardy for the party (eek, couldn’t resist since we were talkin’ housewives last night, lol)!! I had a fabulous time talkin with all of you girls!!

    Sorry about the crappy un-5K! That is lame! I’d be pissed too!! Glad you emailed the race director. Have fun eating chili – yummy!! πŸ™‚

  4. That sucks about the 5k! How crappy:( Glad you had a good dinner though with some bloggy friends:)

  5. angieinatlanta

    Ugh! I am so sorry about your race that wasn’t! I would feel so frustrated too…

    I had fun last night and it was cool to run into you at Chomp and Stomp! You got to meet J!

  6. How frustrating about your race – maybe your message to the race director will help to fix the situation somehow…

    I’m super jealous of your Atlanta food blogger dinner! I gotta get a Cleveland meetup together! I love the idea!

  7. What a fun meet up! Sorry your 5k wasn’t what you expected!

  8. urrrgh – I would be ticked about the 5K, too! I guess that’s not one to register for next year. πŸ™‚

    I’m so jealous all of you girls got to meet up. It’s so neat that we’re able to meet people this way, right? My friends think I can be crazy with eating/exercise sometimes, but us bloggies wouldn’t have to worry about that!

  9. It was a fun meet up! Thanks for arranging everything.

    I would be totally pissed about the 5K. Demand you money back or something! There was one race back in ’98 or ’99 that my friend and I went to run by Perimeter Mall. We were doing race day registration and when we showed up the race was nowhere to be found! We weren’t the only ones there either. We knew the race was legit because we had run it the year before.

  10. That’s too bad about the race being so off! I would be dissappointed too but at least it wasn’t just you that missed the turn off. At least you got to go out to Seasons 52, love that place!

  11. WOW, Sorry to hear about missing out on that mile. Were there amny folks who did that. Sounds liek they were not organized really.

  12. I would have been screaming….I ROCK….a 5K in 23 minutes:)….and anyone who said it was shorter I would poo-poo;)