Sunday Funday

So, I got some of the things on my to-do list taken care of. Care to guess which ones I didn’t do? That would be getting my oil changed and cleaning the house, the least enjoyable of the bunch, in my opinion.

This morning, Jason and I drove to Decatur to scope out this neighborhood where a bunch of really nice houses were for sale. I was skeptical at first; they were pretty big houses and not that expensive, so I thought that the neighborhood must not be very nice. But it was super cute! I have lived in Decatur several times and I forgot how much I love it there. There are several problems, however. The main one being that the houses are still like $30K more than we can afford. We’re hoping that the price drops. By a lot. Secondly, our lease is not up until September 1st. I’m sure there is some clause about breaking it and we could do it if need be, but it’s not an ideal situation. Although, to get the $8000 tax credit, we’d have to break the lease. So, we’re just going to wait a few months and see if the prices come down.

After our house hunt, I took advantage of the 70 degree day and took the Murphster to the dog park. Murphy is what one might call a bully. He’s the sweetest dog ever when he’s not at the park, but when he’s there, he chases and barks at all the other dogs. I think he’s saying, “Play with me, play with me.” but sometimes the other dog’s owners get annoyed with him. I’ve heard the word obnoxious thrown around. Mr. Loudmouth and I stayed there for about an hour.

Instead of taking advantage of the rest of the day outside, I took a nap. And then went to the gym. I tried to convince myself that it was nice out and I should run outside, but apparently myself was not interested in that. So, I downloaded some new podocasts from The Moth, and did the Arc Trainer for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I did a NRLFW workout that I modified a tiny bit. I am getting sick of Stage 1. I was tempted to skip on to Stage 2, but didn’t. I did:

squats on the smith machine – 20 lbs plus bar, 3 sets of 10
pushups on an incline also using the smith machine – 3 sets of 10
bent over rows – 30 lbs, 3 sets of 10
step ups – 3 sets of 10, both feet
prone jacknife on the stability ball (which I managed to fall off at least 10 times) – 3 sets of 12

I really enjoy lifting weights. I just never remember that I like it until I am finished. As I drove home from the gym, my cousin called. She lives in the DC area but was visiting friends in Atlanta. Her friend lives like 3 miles from me, so I told her that I would go over and see her for a bit.

Going over to this house made me feel very old. My cousin is like 22 or 23 and her friend’s house was like a frat house! Beer everywhere, a beer pong table, millions of people there, etc. I definitely felt a bit out of place. It was good to chat with her though. I stayed for maybe half an hour and went to Publix to buy ingredients for this week’s meals (yes!).

Peace out. I don’t know why I said that.


10 responses to “Sunday Funday

  1. Haha, you sound like me, I pretty much did everything on my to-do list except clean too! 🙂 And usually I love cleaning, but just was not feelin’ it today…

    Our older dog Cooper is the same exact way!! Sooooooo sweet, wouldn’t hurt a fly at home, but at dog parks he’s a totally different dogs. In fact I refuse to take him without Andrew there to help out. He stresses me out! Like you said, he just wants to play, but can definitely come off as being a bully.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your meals you planned out for this week!! 🙂 Night!!

    • It’s really sort of embarrassing to take him, but he loves the park so much and he’s really worn out afterwards. Maybe our dogs should get together; they can bark at each other.

  2. I’m pretty sure the tax credit expires at the end of this month. Closing on. House usually takes 30 days for ur loan institution to get paperwork together.

  3. The first-time homebuyer credit is so nice… I bet a lot of people will be buying now that it has been extended!

    Does your cousin’s friend live with a bunch of guys? I would have felt awkward, too… I don’t know how people live like that after college!

  4. ahh! house hunting! very exciting 🙂

    we are backwards in that we went from homeowners to renters a year after getting married. oh well!

    maybe you buy and then find someone to sublet the apt for the summer?

  5. I LOVE house hunting!! I was able to get the credit last year when I bought my house, and hopefully it will come in handy if I go back to school. That is good you are taking your time, though. My friends rushed and rushed to find something before the credit expired (but I see they’ve extended it!) and it was EXtremely stressful for them.

  6. Sounds like a nice little Sunday! I am jealous that you guys are at least looking and are serious about buying. We have a long way to go to get to that point. I would love to be in your shoes and able to qualify for the 8,000 dollar tax credit. Also I am with you on weight lifting. I haven’t done it in ages (ever since I started yoga and can’t afford both a gym membership and classes) but I suppose I could start doing some at home. Such a great feeling when your done.

  7. Haha thats funny, my post on sunday was titled “sunday not so funday”. That workout looks like a killer though, would love to give it a try sometime this week!