For the first time in forever, I wasn’t craving an egg sandwich for breakfast. I don’t know what’s with me and egg sandwiches. I just love them. I decided to do something new and broke out another Chobani. This time was Blueberry. I’ve actually had this flavor before and thought it was just so-so. Blueberry > honey though. I mixed the yogurt with a muffin and some pomegranate seeds.


Looks gross, tastes good. This actually held me over pretty well. Normally sweeter breakfasts just make me hungry, but for whatever reason, this didn’t. Good to know.

For lunch, I went down to the office gym and did a pretty leisurely 4 miler. I wasn’t really feeling like pushing myself in terms of speed, so I didn’t. I ran it in about 41 minutes. The only issue that I have with the office gym, aside from it being very small, is that it’s hot. They do have showers, but even after I take one, I still look like a sweaty mess when I finish. I sort of like it though; my co-workers seem impressed.

Since my race, I’ve been slacking on my running. I blame Daylight’s Savings Time. I used to run all the time after work and now I barely have time to take Murphy for a short walk before it gets dark. I live in a pretty safe area, but basically on a major road, so I don’t like to walk by myself at night. Speaking of my little cuddlebug, he is currently using my arm as a chew toy. Lovely.

I was all excited to eat my pineapple Chobani for a snack and I wasn’t hungry. Bah! I figured I shouldn’t eat it if I wasn’t hungry for it. I then proceeded to eat two mini snickers. Argh. Mañana, I suppose. I feel like I used a Spanish word in my last post too. I took Spanish for all of high school and two years of college and struggled the entire time! I was just not good at learning different languages. Sucks, because I think it would be awesome to be fluent in another language, but there was something about the way my brain works that couldn’t grasp it. You know how most people will say they can understand another language, but not speak it? I could speak it but not understand it. Weird, huh. And random tangent. Do you speak any other languages?


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  1. I don’t speak any other languages! Tobey & I went to Italy, France and Spain in September and I hated that I couldn’t understand anyone. I think it’s important to learn a second language when you’re young– clearly, I didn’t!

    I’m with you on the daylight savings thing… I get home and it feels like dinner time!

  2. Yea, only thing I’m not fond of with Daylight Savings…messing up my running schedule.

  3. angieinatlanta

    I really really want to be bilingual, especially since J’s first language is actually Spanish. I took Spanish in high school and college and while I understand a fair amount, I can’t speak a lick! His mom’s English isn’t that great (she grew up in Cuba) and it’s hard for us to communicate sometimes.

    I’m so over daylight savings times; I hate it being dark so early!

    • That must be difficult. One of my best friends is married to a Turkish guy and his family (they live in Turkey) speaks no English. She says it’s really hard when they go visit them.

  4. I took 3 years of spanish in high school and 2 years in college. I LOVED it and did very well – was even in spanish club! I still know some basic words, but have forgotten a lot of what I learned. Such a shame, I know. I wish I could teach my first graders some spanish, but there is simply no time in our curriculum to fit it in. 😦

    Great job on the 4 mile lunch run!! That is something to be proud of!!! 🙂

  5. I love sweet breakfasts in the morning even though eating eggs with some vegetables mixed in always makes me feel ten times better. Somehow, the thought of sugar in the morning always gets me out of bed. Vegetables on the other hand, don’t do it for me the way a good dose of sugar does. 🙂

  6. I am the same way with sweet breakfasts….well, I guess what I have now is a little sweet (banana + oats + PB), but I CAN’T have cereal! It just makes me more hungry, for some reason, and it doesn’t fill me up.

  7. I wish I spoke Spanish since it would really help me with my job. On any given day about half our population at the house speaks Spanish. Let’s just say I rely heavily on Google Translator! Your breakfast actually doesn’t look gross at all, it looks pretty good to me and might have just inspired my appetite back. Yogurt might be just the ticket.

  8. I can converse in French, Spanish & German, but I wouldn’t say I was fluent in any of them! I love trying to speak though!

    Blueberry chobani is not my favorite flavor 😦