Fastest Mile!

I was really excited to come home and have my peanut noodle leftovers for dinner tonight. I ate them cold and I don’t know why I did. They definitely tasted a lot better heated. I was just impatient and hungry. I’m always starving when I walk in the door. I think it’s a mental thing because I always have a snack at 3pm, so I shouldn’t be famished at 5:30. With the noodles, I made some Brussels sprouts. I just recently learned that they are called Brussels sprouts and not Brussel sprouts. Did you know that? I boiled them until they turned bright green and then mixed them with some olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. Nom.


While I digested, I popped in a Dexter DVD. I have two more discs to go in Season 3. Jason has seen the whole season already so I’m trying to finish them so we can get other movies. From Netflix, obv. I wanted to watch another episode when the first was done, but I made myself go to the gym. I did not want to run in the worst way. So I made a deal with myself. If I ran a mile in the fastest time possible, I could do the arc trainer for 30 minutes afterward and not run. And then I proceeded to run a mile in 8:46! This is the fastest that I have ever run a mile!! I am normally a 10 minute miler, if that. Woo woo. I thought about running more, but didn’t. I feel kind of aimless without a training plan. I sort of go into the gym with a set number of miles in my head, but don’t feel the sense of urgency to complete them as if I was training for something. I guess I could just sign up for another race. Or just train for a fake race?

Slow week here. I’m going to shower and watch more Dexter.


16 responses to “Fastest Mile!

  1. I learned something new today… brussels sprouts! How did you find that out?

    Good job on the run! That’s FAST.

  2. I think I may have to watch Dexter. My friend says it’s good. Dinner looks great, I get so hungry sometimes I’ll eat a dish cold too. lol

  3. yay 8:46!

    since i know you want to improve your speed, it might be good to sign up for a 5K! that way you will get to do lots of speedwork for training but won’t be overwhemled with super long runs that take up lots of time.

  4. Yay for fast running! I’m more of a 10 minute miler so I understand!

    I think there is a Virginia Highlands Christmas 5K in a couple of weeks – starts right by the fire station. I usually do the Jingle Jog by Perimeter.

  5. angieinatlanta

    Congrats on the mile, girl! I love doing one mile as fast as I can; it makes me feel really refreshed to leave it all on the treadmill. 🙂

    I lose my motivation around this time of year as well but then I just remember all those Christmas cookies I’ll be inhaling and that keeps my attendance at the gym regular.

  6. Wow – that is so fast for your mile…congrats!

    And your BS look WAY better than mine. I’ll have to try them that way – I love paramesan cheese. And adding cheese to any veg makes them 100 times better.

  7. I am obsessed with Dexter.

  8. Congrats on the speedy mile!!

    Your Brussel sprouts look yummy!

  9. Your brussels sprouts look so good! I just discovered that about the extra s like a month ago! Too funny. Great job on the run!!

  10. I found another race that DH and I are going to run, and you might be interested in. The Calloway Gardens Half and Full Marathon. January 31. You’ve got 8.5 weeks to train. And, go!

  11. i just learned that too! i don’t know if i talked about it on my blog yet or not. i am mid season 4 of dexter and i am dyyying. it is so good!

  12. I love, love, love Brussels Sprouts!

    & congrats on your mile 🙂