Live music, big dog and a sub

I’ve been seeing a lot of live music lately. Last night, we went to Eddie’s Attic again to see Josh Joplin. I don’t know if anyone has heard of him but he had a sort-of hit song in the early 2000s called Camera One. They had two shows – one at 6:30 and one at 9:30. At Eddie’s Attic, if you have four people (or just want to spend the equivalent of four tickets), you can reserve a table. It’s much nicer than having to stand and watch the show. All the tables were sold out for the late show, so we decided to do the early show and grab a bite to eat afterward.


There were four of us and we split two pitchers of beer – one of Stella and one of Yuengling. So basically 2 beers each. After the show, we walked over to Twain’s for dinner where we met up with two other friends.

I had the Mediterranean platter which was greek salad, veggie chili and hummus and pita.


We got home pretty early for a weekend. I find that I am much happier going out earlier and coming home earlier. I don’t need to stay out until the wee hours of the night anymore. In fact, I really can’t without falling asleep.

This morning, we took Murphy for an annual vet visit. He’s fine except…he’s fat! When we got him a year ago, he was underweight at 45 lbs. Apparently, he’s made up for it and now he weighs 61 lbs. How did that happen? I think he’s actually supposed to be about 55 lbs, so not too bad. It’s just something that we need to keep an eye one since Goldens are prone to hip problems. The vet suggested subbing in some green beans for some of his dog food.

We went to the gym today but nothing interesting happened so I don’t feel like writing about it! While we were there, we saw a commercial for a Subway deal. For today only, they had buy one sub, get one free. A dinner plan was born. We got two foot-long sandwiches for $5. Can’t beat that. And since I only ate one half, I have another for lunch tomorrow.


Here is my Subway trick. Even though the picture looks like a tuna sub, it was actually a Veggie Delight. I really like tuna salad, but since it’s so bad for you at Subway (and other sandwich places), I got the veggies and made my own low-fat tuna salad at home. You’d never know the difference! I also sometimes do this with veggie burgers.

We’re about to chill on the couch and watch a movie. I finally finished up Dexter, so some actual movies came. We have Adventureland and Away We Go to choose from. Nighty night.


5 responses to “Live music, big dog and a sub

  1. angieinatlanta

    I’m totally with you on early nights these days. Even lamer, during the colder winter months, I just prefer to stay in on weekends!

  2. So smart about the tuna salad! I’ll have to try that. I love subway’s tuna but it’s not worth the calories to me. I usually end up with a 6 inch veggie.

  3. I love Away We Go – hope you liked it too!

  4. Awww, poor Murphy! šŸ˜‰ Remember how Ripsey was a little tubby at her last appt?? Well, after downsizing her portions and taking her on more runs/walks, she’s already slimmed down! šŸ™‚ So tell Murphy her success story and maybe that’ll get him pumped, haha! šŸ˜‰

    Great subway trick, I’ll have to remember that one!

  5. I am sad that I don’t have more Dexter to watch! Although there might be a new one from last night on the internet somewhere, I’ll have to look into that. I love your idea for subway tuna sandwich. I too love their tuna but was shocked to find out how awful it is for you. I shall do this next time I have a craving!