Happy New Year

I love the feeling of optimism that a new year brings. 2009 had its ups and downs for me. The biggest up, obviously, was that Jason and I got engaged. We also took a lot of trips; we went to New York, San Diego and Cancun as well as our hometowns of DC and Seneca. There were negatives too, my dad being diagnosed with bladder cancer and Jason having to take two week-long furloughs as well as taking a pay cut. Every year is going to have it’s ups and downs and I think it’s better to remember the year for the positive things that happened.

So, I started to feel a bit better yesterday afternoon and decided to suck it up and go out to dinner with Jason. I popped some dayquil and finally changed out of my pajamas and into normal clothes. We wanted to take a taxi to East Atlanta but after calling three different companies and getting busy signals, we gave up and drove. We had dinner at The Glenwood. We got there around eight and it was empty enough that we were able to get a booth. We started out with a cheese plate.


I’m not even sure what types of cheeses these were, but I liked the thicker ones better than the paper-thin slices in the front of the picture. For my entree, I had the black bean burger with a side salad.


I told a co-worker that we were planning on going here and he said that if we did, we had to try the Turducken burger. So that’s what Jason had. I had a small bite. It was pretty tasty.


I was feeling better, but not great and Jason caught a picture of me mid-cough.


After dinner, we met up with our friends Emily and Brian at a bar next door. It was a laid back atmosphere and we just sat in a booth and chatted until about 1 am. We ended up leaving my car there and taking a taxi home since we’d been drinking some.

I had a really fun time. I definitely don’t need to go to a crazy New Years party but I still like to go out and do something and this was exactly the right combination. Poor Jason had to work this morning though.

I decided that I needed to start off 2010 with a proper breakfast. I’ve been eating a bunch of crap all week and that needed to end. No better way to start the year than with my favorite, an egg sandwich. This was a 1/2 cup of egg beaters with a slice of reduced fat cheese, a Morningstar Farms sausage patty on an Arnold Whole Wheat Thin. Yum. The ingredient list on the fake sausage patties is a mile long, but they’re so delicious.


I’m going to take Murphy to the dog park and hopefully snap some good pictures with my new camera. I have some 2010 goals/resolutions that I need to write about, but Murphy is going to destroy the house if he doesn’t get some sort of exercise very soon.


8 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. I admire your attitude about staying focused on the positive – that is one of my new year’s resolutions – stay positive despite the situation…thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Happy New Year, have fun at the doggie park.

  2. Sounds like a great night. I am fascinated by the turducken burger. We actually did a turducken last year for Thanksgiving as a joke.

    Hope you feel better and Happy New Year!

  3. Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog! When are you getting married this year?

  4. So glad you were able to get out for a NYE dinner!! I’ve heard of turducken before… maybe on Food Network?

    That breakfast sandwich looks great! I love those morningstar sausage patties – so delicious!!

    Happy New Year!! 🙂 Oh, and I agree – we definitely need to have some more blogger meet-up dinners in 2010!! And I PROMISE I’ll be there at the correct location at the correct time!! 🙂

  5. You definitely had a great 2009! I love the optimism around the New Year, too. I think it helps (at least, temporarily) to bring me out of my post-holiday funk.

    Glad you had a good New Year’s Eve and hope you continue to feel better. 🙂

  6. sounds like you had a great year – thats so exciting that you got engaged!
    happy 2010!