Titles are overrated

Murphy kept telling me that he really, really wanted to go to the dog park this morning. So I put on a million layers of clothing and took him. The chilly air felt fine except for my feet. I had on one single layer of cotton socks with running shoes. So while the rest of my body was completely warm, we had to leave after a while because I couldn’t feel my toes. Lesson learned. I tried to take some pictures, but it’s really hard to capture dogs in constant motion. I always enjoy coming home and uploading my photos to see if I got anything worth saving. This one picture totally cracks me up. Murphy pretending to be ferocious.


Look at those chompers! When he’s not being a bully at the dog park, he’s a total sweetheart and looks more like this.


Or this.


After we got home and thawed out, I actually managed to make a meal plan for the week complete with a grocery list. Go me. I headed out, grocery list in tow, to LA Fitness. Okay, the gym is always a complete pain in the ass right after New Years, that’s a given, but 5 of the treadmills were broken. 5 out of 20. 25% of the treadmills. Two days after everyone and his mom decides that they’re going to get back into shape. Seriously, LA Fitness, you couldn’t have fixed this knowing that your membership was going to skyrocket for the month? Argh. I also think that gym should have some sort of long-time member reward. Like a separate cardio area that you can only go into if you’ve been a member for a certain amount of time. Isn’t that a good idea? I’ve given them my money for probably six years; I want a treadmill!

Despite the above bitchfest, I did manage to run. I did 5 miles of speedwork.
• Mile 0-1 – 5.5 mph
• Mile 1-2 – 6.5mph
• Mile 2-2.25 – 3.5mph
• Mile 2.25-2.5 – 5.3mph
• Mile 2.5-3.5 – 6.5mph
• Mile 3.5-3.75 – 3.5mph
• Mile 3.75-5 – 5.5mph

I have no idea how long this took me because I was being given a major stink eye for going over the time limit. So I jumped off after Mile 3.5 and waited for a new treadmill. What a rule follower I am. Seriously, long-time member special area. It’s a good idea. Who’s with me?

After the gym, I went to Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market. It always makes me laugh that they put that “your” in there. I don’t think anyone actually calls it that; it’s either the farmer’s market or the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. I don’t really go to the Farmer’s Market enough. It’s super cool. Unfortunately, they are oddly strict about taking pictures inside. But they have a ton of produce and it’s super cheap. Check out the prices of my produce:

3 lbs Fuji apples – $2.99
2 lbs Organic carrots – $1.99
2 pomegranates – $1.69 each (take that, Whole Paycheck)
2 ears of yellow corn – .33 each
Celery – .99
2 cucumbers – .39 each
1 onion – .37
Bunch of parsley – .39
Bunch of organic cilantro – .99
Bunch of organic kale – $1.29
Bag of spinach – $1.69
2 tomatoes – $1.28
Haas Avacado – .79
Ginger – .30

So cheap! My only issue with them is while they do have a lot of organic foods, they have little to no locally grown produce. Sometimes in the summer they get GA peaches, but that’s really it. Also, it’s extremely crowded on the weekends.

I didn’t get home until 7:30ish and was starving. I was tempted to just throw something together, but instead actually made a recipe that was on the meal plan for the week – Catfish with Cilantro-Chipotle Rice. The recipe can be found here.

Of course, I had to make some changes to suit my palate. But they were minor. I used tilapia instead of catfish and I used regular salsa instead of chipotle as I don’t care for the flavor.


It was delicious. It was also extremely easy to make. Definitely a keeper recipe. I always forget how much I like tilapia.

Good night, peeps.


18 responses to “Titles are overrated

  1. I’m going back to the gym for the first time in weeks tomorrow, and I’m already dreading the lines and broken treadmills :/ At least you got a good workout in!

  2. Boo on LA Fitness and their crap treadmills!They need to get it together! LOVE the Murphy pics – his face is TOO presh. 🙂

  3. angieinatlanta

    Seriously, Dekalb Farmer’s Market is SO intense about not taking pictures inside! It’s a bit over the top.

    I hear you on the longtime member special area! Good idea! I’m tired of waiting for machines…and by the way, I’m a total rule follower as well. I hate when people drape their towels over the clock. Grrr…

  4. You are a much better dog owner than me! It was way too cold today!

  5. What a good mommy you are to sweet Murphy!! Cooper and Ripsey would probably love to go on a walk, but I just can’t do it right now. I’m a wimp!!

    You sure did get a lot of great stuff at the Farmer’s Market!! 🙂

  6. Farmers Markets are the best.

    LOVE the doggy cuteness!

  7. LOL that photo with the teeth is HILARIOUS to me – it’s so not “golden retriever” like! Your 3rd photo: my dog gives me that face all the time.

  8. Murphy is a cutie. I love Golden Retrievers!

    Farmer’s Markets are awesome, but it’s suprising they have little that’s locally grown — isn’t that what defines a “farmer’s” market?

    Nice job on the treadmill run despite it being a pain. I wouldn’t want to touch a gym with a ten foot pole this time of year, and thankfully, the weather here allows me to run outside year round, so I don’t have a gym membership.

  9. Ahaha Murphy… too funny!

    That is really annoying that 5 treadmills were broken! I loved Crunch b/c it was never packed like LA Fitness is, but then they had to go and close on me!

    You are so good with this meal planning stuff… I need to try it so I don’t ask myself the same “What am I going to eat tonight?” question every day!

  10. I found your Blog through HEAB’s – the title actually caught my eye “inmytummy!” haha. Beautiful photos…I need to work on that! Beautiful dogs too 🙂 Check out my blog if you wish or add me to your Roll – love new readers and insights/advice haha 😉 Cheers!

  11. I love your dog. He is so cute. I have two labs and just love them to pieces.

    Great deals at the store. I wish I could find some steals like that. Avocados are on sale here for 1 a piece and I thought that was a good price.

  12. I could NOT agree more about the long-time member area! I went up to someone on a treadmill yesterday (he was 2 minutes over his time….I always give them a cushion to get off) and politely – VERY Sweetly – told him that I was signed up for the treadmill at that time. He looked at me and plainly said, “I have TWO minutes left.” Um…buddy, your time was already up! But of course I smiled and came back in 2 minutes. Ughhh. Anyway, sorry to vent. 🙂

    You are a good puppy mommy to take Murphy out in the cold!

  13. ❤ your puppers pictures, even if Murphy does look totally scary in that first picture haha. Ugh- the gym right now! How about this- our gym just acquired the members from a gym that just closed…yah total madness! Good times 😉 Love your idea of the sep cardio area. I love the farmers market. I need to make it to ours more often too. nice job on the workout & meal planning. Hope you have a good week

  14. You are so brave to go to LA Fitness today! I definitely drove right by it with my gym bag in my car on the way home from work – i was cold, and it was crowded (I was assuming!). AND your dog is adorable. I love Goldens!!!

  15. Cute Murphy. Have a wonderful meal after workout on treadmills, you are really enjoying your life. Keep going, I like your posts.

  16. Jsut found your blog today and I love it!

    I fully support the idea if a long-time member special area. As much as I’m happy for the New Years resolutioners, they just don’t understand that rules of the gym and they always end up in the way of my workout!