Just Breathe

I skipped my other run. We went to look at that house again and when we got home, I fell asleep on the couch. For 4 hours. Umm, oops? I woke up an hour and a half before the gym closes and to pouring rain. I’m trying to tell myself that if I slept for that long, my body needed it and not to push myself or I’m not going to get rid of this cold. I just have a hard time knowing that I’m training for a race and I haven’t run since Tuesday. Although, in the grand scheme of things, skipping a 3 and 4 mile run isn’t that big of a deal, is it? I know that I’ve skipped training runs in the past. Obviously, I have conflicting thoughts.

Buying a house is scary. The next step in our process is to make an offer and that scares the crap out of me. If it were up to me, I’d just rent forever because it’s not so permanent. But I know that financially that’s stupid and also, our landlord had mentioned something about wanting to put our townhouse on the market in the Spring anyway. I have fear of house commitment, apparently.

After looking at the house and talking to our relator for like an hour about the buying process, Jason and I went to Mediterranean Grill for lunch. I had a cup of Lentil Soup and a Fettoush Salad. For dinner, I could not figure out what I wanted, so ended up with one of my local Greek yogurts and a sweet potato. Random.


The yogurt was kind of the best thing ever which leads me to believe that the nutritional data is wrong. There is no way that it only has six grams of fat. I mean, they don’t have a USDA nutritional facts label on the stuff, so what would prevent them from just guessing? How does a local farm or business test nutritional information, anyway? I’ve never thought about that before. It was mighty tasty though. As for my sweet potato, I started putting nut butter on them a couple years ago and I highly recommend it.

I’m not very good at living in the present. I am constantly thinking about the future; looking forward to certain events or dreading them. I guess that’s normal in a way. But right now I’m completely stressing myself out by thinking of all this stuff that’s supposed to happen this Spring – my father’s surgery, buying a house, running a half marathon and our wedding. I know it’s good stuff (besides the surgery) but it just seems like so much. I need to just focus on the now. Right now, at 7:19 on Sunday night, I’m not dealing with any of these things. I’m sitting at my dining room table typing a blog entry. I’m doing laundry. I’m thinking about a meal plan for the week. I don’t need to be stressing out about upcoming stress. I’m just harming myself really. I need to just breathe sometimes and I forget that.


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  1. So funny that you would post a pic of your sweet tater with PB on it tonight because I JUST put PB on mine for the first time tonight. It was pretty much life changing, haha! So delicious!! πŸ™‚

    You have a lot going on Lee, so it’s hard not to worry/stress. But I you do need to just breathe and take time to focus your thoughts on what’s going on now. Maybe treat yourself to something that will clear your mind – like going to a concert? Easier said than done, I know.

  2. Meant to say “I do KNOW you do need to just breathe…” I really need to read my comments before pushing submit! πŸ˜‰

  3. angieinatlanta

    First off, nut butter on a sweet potato is a genius idea and I can’t wait to try it.

    Secondly, I’ll repeat what you need to hear – your body NEEDED that rest! In the long run, missing those training runs is not that big of a deal but imagine how bad it would be if your cold morphed into something worse or more serious and you had a skip entire chunks of training.

    Finally, I’m just like you. I need to live in the present as well. Sometimes, I keep myself up at night thinking about things. I just have to repeat to myself that some things are out of my control and/or I can’t do anything about them RIGHT now anyways. Sometimes I even listen to myself…

  4. Living in the present is so difficult! It’s so easy to get caught up in future worries and past insecurities. But I’ve found relaxing and just focusing on what you need to do in that moment really helps. It could also be beneficial to take some time to think of all the things that are good in your life!

    I think it’s a new hummus that one of my coworkers introduced me to at Whole Foods. I also think it’s kind of funny because before I moved to DC I lived in Atlanta πŸ™‚

  5. We just bought our first house this last summer, and I know exactly what you mean– it’s terrifying!!! I will say, I KNOW we made the right decision, and I am so glad we have our house! Good luck!

  6. Yeah you probably needed the rest. I know that when I am sleeping a lot, my body needs a little down time.

  7. hooray for nut butter on SPs since it is national PB day! yeah! i definitely think you needed the sleep. so i am glad you got it! buying a house would be scary but it is something i want to do SO BAD. i am so sick of renting. have a good monday, xoxo

  8. Don’t worry about missing one run – it happens to all of us!! To answer your comment on my blog- I’m running the Nashville full on 4/24 but will probably do the ING half in atlanta. See you there!

  9. It sounds like your body definitely needed rest! In the grand scheme of things, missing some training runs bc you weren’t feeling well won’t make or break you, especially since you’ve fared well in the past!

    I definitely hear you on needing to just breathe. With all of the big things coming up it can get really overwhelming. You are taking the right approach in just relaxing. Maybe break down the stuff you need to do in daily and/or weekly tasks so the ultimate goal seems more accomplishable (is that even a word?!)

    I hope that you feel better soon!

  10. I can be a stress case sometimes too…and my boyfriend always tells me that worrying doesn’t actually accomplish anything, but that’s easy for him to say! I think it sounds like you’re on the right track, by getting some good rest and planning out your meals so you have one less thing to worry about next week. Everything will work out exactly how it’s supposed to…I know that’s super cliche, but that’s really what I believe!

  11. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate. I find that even when I don’t have a lot of things coming up, I still find something else to worry about. It’s like this endless cycle.

    Taking one day at a time sounds so simple, but yet it’s so difficult. You have a lot to be excited about- buying a house is a huge change, so I can’t imagine that anyone is in their comfort zone during that process!

  12. You have a lot going on and that’s stressful, so you probably did need the sleep!

  13. I had the same issue about buying a house. About a year after I bought it I was itching to move and it wasn’t as simple anymore. I had to stay and now the thought of leaving makes me sad. It’s truly my home.

  14. I have to remind myself on an hourly basis to take a deep breath and stop stressing out.

    The right house will come to you and you will have that a-ha moment. I am wishing your dad well thoughts.

  15. Buying a house is awesome! I know it is stressful but it is so worth it in the end. I promise! I totally understand that it is scary but you will love being a homeowner! πŸ™‚

  16. I hear you – it is stressful buying a house (and I won’t lie…the first year is tough because you’re buying/fixing things), but it is SO worth it. I’ve been in my house for a little over a year and absolutely love it.

    Maybe you need to treat yourself to something fun? A pedicure? (Okay I’m weird, but I think they’re fun). A night out with friends? Or even just going to the movies?

  17. So sorry you’re going through such a rough time!! Hang in there!!

  18. Really need to try ab on sweet potato!