Feeling better, albeit somewhat disappointed

I feel much better today, physically and mentally. I was completely stressing myself out about the possibility of being stressed out! Yep, that’s totally like me.

In the now. In the now. I need to remember that.

Like a lot of you, I get a little panicky when I don’t work out for several days. I was just itching to get some sort of workout in, so I went to the office gym at lunch. I did an easy 2 miles on the treadmill at 5.7 mph and then The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape up workout. I did the beginner circuit. I only had enough time to do it twice though.

It looks like we’re back to square one with our house hunt. We found out that the house that we were interested in doesn’t have central air. Umm, we live in Georgia. I think it’s a deal breaker. It’s disappointing, but I just don’t want to settle. The sellers seem kind of shady too. On their disclosure, it said there was central air, but then when we specifically asked why there was a window unit in the kitchen, they said that there was only central air in the addition, not in the main dwelling. We could ask the seller to put it in and have our offer be contingent on that, but I just don’t see that happening. I don’t know.

Argh house hunting is hard!

I made myself a healthy dinner, but it wasn’t that great. This is the first thing that I’ve made from the Fast Fresh Food cookbook that wasn’t that great. It’s Louisiana style tilapia with Hoppin John Style rice and it was pretty bland. And yes, that’s frozen broccoli with very processed cheese sauce. My name is Lee and I still eat some processed food! It’s a green veggie at least.


Not posting the recipe because I didn’t feel that it was worth it. The fish looks pretty at least.


Tilapia was super cheap at Kroger. I got two pieces for $2 and some change! According to the Monterrey Aquarium Seafood watch app, farmed US tilapia is a good choice.


20 responses to “Feeling better, albeit somewhat disappointed

  1. Oooooh, yeah. You DEFINITELY don’t want a house without central air in Georgia– how does that even happen?!?

  2. sooo frustrating! Good luck with the house hunt!

  3. angieinatlanta

    Glad you’re feeling better! But sorry to hear the house news. I agree – central air is a must!

    Even if dinner was bland, it sure looks yummy. You give me camera envy!

  4. House hunting is hard. We had our hearts set on a house, but it had a CRACK going down the backside of it. Everything else was perfect! We were so disappointed when we found out that to fix it would be crazy expensive and just not worth it. BUT, we looked for another couple months and found our house. We couldn’t be happier. You will find the prefect house. Just might take longer than you want it to.

  5. Wow. That is super cheap for tilapia.

    I wish I had more words of wisdom about house hunting, but I forsee myself renting for a while. Sighhh..

  6. Gah, I’m kind of house-hunting right now too, and it keeps on slapping me in the face that I am dirt-poor. I hope you find the perfect house soon though! Don’t worry, it’s there waiting for you!

  7. No central air?? That’s insane. No wonder they want to move!

  8. That fish DOES look pretty. Good luck with the house hunting!

  9. Definitely don’t settle! My house was the 19th house that I looked at. There were a few that I REALLY liked, but I am very happy that I waited and found something I loved. I know you will find something!

    WHOA – that is cheap tilapia. I need to get some…that sounds so yummy right now.

  10. That is pretty weird that they thought they could get the partial central air thing past you… no thanks in GA!

    Here’s one that always bugs me- “walking distance to restaurants and shops”- umm a few miles isn’t what I call walking distance!

  11. Sorry about the house but I agree that having central AC in Georgia is a huge MUST! Buying a house is huge so good for you for not settling!

  12. Bummer about the house hunt….hope you find smoe more promising leads soon!

  13. House hunting is the hardest. The perfect house will fall into your lap.

    I have not seen that cookbook and as a lover of all cookbooks this may be one to check out. Sorry about your fish. There are so many wonderful tilipia recipes out there.

  14. Good luck with the house hunting! You will find the perfect one sooner or later! Your tilapia looks great to me 🙂

  15. sorry about the house hunting woes. central air is definitely a must! good luck!!

  16. Sorry to hear that the house hunt is stalled out, but you guys sound like smart buyers, so I’m sure you’ll eventually find the perfect house!

  17. Great job fitting in the workout! Sorry to hear about the house :(. Yes, AC is MANDATORY in the South. What were these people thinking??? Sorry the dinner was bland…looks tasty. I think a few processed foods are more than ok as long as you eat mostly clean!

    I HAVE been to Bushido! I didn’t do the challenge though (obviously haha). We asked the Waitress about it and she said they only let people order 3 of the 10 rolls at a time (because most people cannot make it through). She said she has seen people get sick right at the table while trying to complete the challenge (ICK!).

  18. Glad you’re feeling better! I hear you on the workouts. After a few days it’s more a chore than an enjoyment, but sometimes after a good break I have some of the best workouts!

  19. Good luck house hunting – I imagine it’s pretty stressful!

    I’ve never had tilapia – white fish generally grosses me out.

  20. May you find the perfect house for you soon. Have patience. House hunting may be tough but in the end, it will paid pay off. Good luck.