Pizza and posture

One of my favorite easy dinners is to make my own pizza. I normally call them “Pita Pizzas” even though I usually use a tortilla or flatout. Pita pizza just has a better ring to it. I almost always have some sort of tortilla (or pita), random veggies, cheese and pasta sauce in the house and it’s just really easy to throw it all together. Viola.I mean Voila. I hate when people write “viola” and I totally just did it. His and hers pizzas. The closer one was the hers; his had more cheese. I actually do measure my cheese. I find that if I’m just eyeballing, I give myself less than one serving. And I definitely want one serving!


Is my pizza stone supposed to look that…seasoned?

So, let’s talk about posture. Like I said earlier, mine is terrible. I am almost always hunched over in front of my computer or slouched down in a chair. How can I correct this? I sometimes try to sit up tall, but it’s hard and laziness gets the best of me. Maybe I should bring a balance ball in for a chair at work ? Okay, maybe not. But really, I don’t want to shrink as I age! What do I do? I am going to start doing yoga, maybe that will help me.

We heard some not-so-great news about the house. It’s a short sale. I wasn’t familiar with the term but apparently it’s kind of like a pre-foreclosure and according to the interwebs, a complete pain in the ass to deal with as a buyer. It’s not a complete no-go yet, we’re waiting on our realtor (who is on vacation) to answer some questions. I wish buying a house was more like buying a pair of jeans. You go into the store, try some on, and buy the ones that you like.

Bah! Boring post. Want to shake things up and ask me a question?


17 responses to “Pizza and posture

  1. I have horrible posture too from all the time I spend at the computer. My shoulders are completely rounded over 😦

    Good luck with the house– I hope it all works out!

  2. Our friends waited SIX months to get approval on their short sale. Whereas we put an offer on a normal sale house and we were closing on it 30 days later….avoid shortsales unless you have time on your side. We were trying to close before Nov

  3. Oh my pizza! Love making it at home — once we started doing that, I didn’t even want to order pizza out anymore. Healthier and tastier. 😀

  4. Looks really food! I’m trying to think of a good question…hmmm! What’s one food you WON’T eat?

  5. Aw, good luck with the house! House buying really is a pain in the rear…I think I cried out of shear terror the morning I closed on my house.

    And, yoga totally helps for posture! I used to have the absolute worst posture (I credit it to hunching over in high school so I could be shorter than the boys). Yoga totally turned it around for me! In ATL, I really love Balance Yoga (it’s in Buckhead)

  6. Good luck with the house situation- it seems so stressful. Gah, to think of purchasing a house and planning a wedding and working and training- you must be so busy!!!

    I have really great posture, mainly because when I was little my mother would always push my shoulders back and tell me to sit up straight whenever I was hunched over. It was so annoying growing up but I am very thankful now 🙂 Maybe you could put a sticky note on your computer at work reminding you to sit up straight?

  7. I LOVE pita pizzas, too!

    Fun on the yoga! I’ve thought about taking classes lately… i’m so bad about it!

    I hear you on house stuff – we had a couple of short sales. They’re hard to deal with – so competitive and the time frames are wack. 😦

  8. I think that yoga will really help… and when you notice yourself doing it at work, just try to correct yourself. I totally slump into my chair on days that are just dragging… it’s bad!

    I hope the house stuff works out… it sounds so frustrating. And confusing!

  9. I just read a post that had “viola” in it… TOTALLY thought of you. 😉

  10. YUM!! everyone seems to be jumpin on the make your own pizza bandwagon! I need to get on as well. it looks delicious!!!

  11. I actually wouldn’t give up on the short sale – it can be worth it if you’re a little patient. Most sellers in that situation just want to move on so they’re pretty willing to speed up the process. There are SOME cases where it’ll drag out but, in the end, it tends to be worth it, the price is usually right. 🙂 And PS. I love making my own “pizza” that isn’t all that bad for me. I buy naan bread and turn it into mini-pizzas. SO GOOD! Yum.

  12. Your pizza sounds great! I must make some soon! I also have bad posture but found that Core Fusion is helping me a bit.

  13. I love making pizzas on flatouts! Have you seen the kids flat outs? I use those a lot too for mini pizzas when I need a quick snack! YUM!

    • I’ve never seen those.

      Last night, when I said I wanted a pita pizza for dinner, Jason commented that it wasn’t a dinner, it was more of a kid’s snack! (He changed his mind when he saw that the flatout was big though.)

  14. House buying can be a complete PIA especially in this economy. You will find the perfect house I am sure of it.

    I have horrible posture. It has become such a bad habit at this point.

  15. I could never accidently give myself less than a serving of cheese…maybe that’s my problem?!? My pizza stone looks the same and I haven’t even used it that much. In facts it’s such a pain to pull out that I just use another cookie sheet.

  16. I’m glad I just read this, because I was hunched over my laptop SO BADLY. And my lower back is killing me for some reason. Now I’m sitting nice and tall….for the next minute or so.

    I’ve wondered if yoga would help, too. I would think so?

    Our realtor warned me of short sales, too. Which is a BUMMER because I fell in love with a house that was a short sale. But I guess it’s good to know before you get into a mess!